Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Late Spring

At this time of the year, we are thinking winter, cold, the need for wood.  Yes, the wood rack is filling. Mr. Bootsie felled another tree and the wood has been added to the wood rack.  Another section is filled, covered and waiting for winter use.  We know it needs to dry and this take a few months, hopefully this will work out and we shall have plenty of wood when it is needed this winter.  Along with wood for our stove, the goats have been eating all of the foliage and bark from the limbs.  There is no waste when a tree is felled on this farm.

Spring brings in the animals, we have been watching a nest of birds, they have now gone to flight school and left their nest.  There has been a deer coming very close to our house.  She has been feeding right out side the kitchen window.  We stand at the window and watch her, she shows no fear, I am hoping she has a knowledge of living in the woods as her visits to see us are just a little unusual,  I would not want to see her get hurt, you always wonder if humans have messed with the balance of nature.   The hummingbirds returned this week, we have seen them feeding on some of our plants.  Mr. Bootsie came in the house exclaiming he had just seen a fawn.  He saw the mother and sent the fawn back toward the mother.  Several days later, I was setting on the porch and the fawn appeared, no momma but after looking very closely in the creek there she was.  Momma allowed the fawn to come within 10 feet of me, this was a very special moment.  There have been several more spotting of all 3 deer, as one was outside the goat pasture when we went to feed one evening.

Along with the animals which excite us there are also those which do not please any of us.  When putting the ducks to bed one evening they froze outside of the duck house.  Mr. Bootsie went to check on the problem, copperhead, and I need help.  Well, this one is taken care of.  There have, also,  been several black snakes, babies and large ones.  Mr. Bootsie likes to keep all of the black snakes but he watching while we have a hen setting on a nest of eggs.

The garden always seems to surprise me.  I have been trying to grow artichokes for years.  I have purchased plants, started seeds and always for one reason or another I loose my plants.  This spring I made the decision I would give up my quest to grow artichokes, only to find one of my plants in the garden doing what I had always wanted to see.  I do not hear of many growing chokes on the east coast but this is one I wanted to try,  I now have a second plant coming up, I am so pleased I have decided to  let this plant go to seed as the seeds should be better suited for my area.  Only time will tell, but I am enjoying this new adventure  and  I will try again.

Things seem to be going good in the coop as Little Black Hen is setting on only 4 eggs.  I lost 2 eggs which were from my Eva.  She has been laying an egg with a very thin shell, I was trying because I wanted to see the mixed breed chicken they would hatch out.  Maybe next time things will work better. I have been feeding the girls sunflower seeds and Eva's shell has improved.  Much stronger.

Garden is growing, there has been quite a bit of rain so that means the weeds are growing as well.  I have a few tomatoes, snaps are starting to bloom.  So far we have picked a few peppers and zucchini.

For me, it is time to get ready to start pickling, canning, dehydrating and freezing.  I will be making a trip to purchase my supplies.  So until there is something exciting to share with you I will say," Happy Farming my dear friends."