Monday, January 23, 2012


My parents had a farm, in today's thoughts it would be a mini-farm.  Cows, a mule, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats, were the farm animals, with an occasional goat, rabbits, geese and ducks.

We raised fruits and vegetables.  All the kin folk, who moved to the city came on the weekend for vegetables, eggs and Momma's butter plus the buttermilk.  They did not want the fresh milk, they used store bought.

Mr. Bootsie and I purchased about 9 wooded acres in the country.  The timber had been harvested some years ago.  New growth was good, huge trees, saplings, brambles and wildflowers covered the forest floor.  Yes, we had woods and I wanted a garden.

My momma had always wanted to name the home place Happy Hallow, it never happened.  We knew of a farm named Sleepy Hollow.  She always said, "it is hard work, rewarding  and a happy hallow" (not hollow).

Did I name my wooded acres Happy Hallow?  No.  It was my Momma's farm name.  This blog is Happy Hallow, we will talk about my childhood and my return to the farm some 45 years later.  

Where is the family who would come for veggies and eggs?  Shopping at the farmer's markets, my how times have changes.  I hope they find their way to Happy Hallow so we can experience all the fun, hard work, heart breaking and warming events that bring us to the farm.