Sunday, June 24, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, June 23, 2012

Spring becomes summer, the way my garden is located I will be able to be in the garden.  I tried to plan things when we moved here to work with the seasons and the conditions.  I get quite a lot of morning shade in part of the garden.  I have one section which gets sun most of the day.  The coop is located in the woods with shade all day.  I think the temperature around the coop is always cooler and I sometimes go there to cool down.  The setting area for our home is facing the northeast and is cool in the afternoon.


I have started to freeze all of the extra raspberries.  I freeze them on a baking sheet and then put them in freezer bags, this way I can remove what I need.  I try not to freeze anything in a lump.   I made a 1-2-3-4 cake and we had raspberry shortcake.  Mr. Bootsie loves big and fluffy yeast rolls.  I baked a large pan of these, he made dinner out of them.  Loaded the dehydrator with green beans and I have almost a 1 quart  jar filled, they will be oven canned and put away for the winter.   This week I have frozen 2 quarts of raspberries, beet greens and Holland greens.  A recipe for Cajun-style Pickled Green Beans and Carrots has been on Facebook this week, put up 4 quart jars of this.


Not much going on as we have not seen the builder.  Mr. Bootsie has been looking at some of the other chicken runs in our area and he feels one farm had some great ideas on how to cover the run with a lot less work than he did before.  He will be out gathering the materials to cover the duck run.


Tuesday morning, I decided the brooder box is getting to heavy for me to carry by myself.  Plus the temperature at night this week was warmer than we have seen all summer.   It is time for a change. No more brooder box.  Wednesday the peeps were 8 weeks old.  They made the adjustment like champs.  The chicken tractor is setup in the duck run and they have adopted the peeps.  When I let the peeps out in the morning, Tweedle and Deedle wait for them and walk to the duck run with them.

There is still one broody in the coop.  I take all of her eggs every night but it seems not to be enough.  I will not have baby chicks in July, I do not care how long this takes.  No more until fall if one of them is broody and maybe this one will be.

The egg count this week is 48.  With the hot weather the count may go down.  Weather does effect how they lay.


The vegetables in our garden are beautiful.  All of the rain has made everything grow and now the produce is starting to come in.  Weeding time is now becoming picking time.  This is the time of year when the garden can get in front of you.  I always try to weed when I am picking so there is some sort of balance.
The harvest, this week has been 5 3/4 pints of raspberries, 7 pounds of green beans, 6 beets, 4 onions and 1 basket of Holland greens.  I find it is good to record how much you harvest so you can use this information in planning next year's garden.


As I am writing this I hear Mr. Bootsie playing porch setting music on his guitar.  It brings such a comfort to know we have the things we need and can enjoy the pleasant things life brings.  I enjoy working in the garden and taking care of the flock.  I was raised to work the land and I do not regret what I was taught.  I find it a challenge to learn more and further my skills.  Each day is an adventure and I do enjoy living it.  Thanks for sharing my life here on Triple Creek Farm. and I hope we bring you a bit of pleasure.

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