Monday, March 25, 2013

A Snow Covered Morning on the Farm

  I know there are those of you who have a snow cover most of the winter.  We do not have a lot of snow but this morning it was such a pretty snow I wanted to share with you.

This is the view from our front porch looking down one of the roads we use to access areas of the farm.

                      The trees are covered with the wet snow and are heavy with the weight.

The clothes line was covered with snow but it fell off quickly, I could hang laundry today if the weather folks were not promising us a mix of rain and snow later.

Another view through our woods, even the land we are clearing looks pretty covered with snow.

The ladies were fed and watered, their barn is dry, why do they prefer to be outside eating pines branches?

              The Redbud tree is covered with snow and in just a few days it will be in bloom.

Mr. Bootsie was outside at midnight cleaning the snow from the cold tunnel, what is on top fell between midnight and morning.  

A country lane, this is our driveway this morning, if you follow this you can find your way to the highway.  Thank you for sharing my snowy morning walk.  I must tell you before I had the pictures posted, the trees were losing the snow.  This was such a pretty picture to wake up to, Mother Nature never lets us down!!!