Saturday, August 10, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, August 10, 2013

It seems to me that I was just posting the week in review yesterday and already it is time for another weekly review.  I really do not understand where the days are going.  Am I that busy or am I just contented with life?  I really do think I am contented with life and trying to do so many things the days are just flying past me.


All of the pickles were finished this week and are now setting in jars on the pantry shelves.  Apples were dehydrated and packed away in jars.  The baskets of fresh produce are coming in from the garden.  I am freezing butter beans every other day.  Salads for many meals made with just picked veggies, spinach with pasta or eggs is a welcome meal.  I can say we have eaten our share of fresh veggies this year.  I am having a tomato biscuit every chance I get.  I baked 2 pans of biscuits one morning this week.  I made the wonderful zucchini crisp for the second time and it was just as delicious as the first time. 


We are out looking for any place the raccoons could have a den.  Anything we find is being destroyed. We are clearing out a lot of the bottom brush or undergrowth in the woods.  We understand we came into their woods and disturbed the animals but I do not want to have to worry about the animals were are caring for.  The wild animals are not very nice to domestic animals.  There has been a lot of wood collected for fires, outside fireplace and wood stove.  Grass to be cut and shrubs to be trimmed seems to keep everyone busy.  I decided one evening to try taking the ladies out for a walk.  I was very pleased as I picked up my herding stick and started moving they fell in line behind me and off we went.  They did very good, eating a little here and there and staying very close to me.  I am enjoying being able to take them on short walks.  I feel this was progress for me, I am  learning how to handle the goats.


I had a wonderful treat Friday afternoon, Aurora the mother hen with attitude went out of the brooder, I slipped in and held one of the baby chickens, 3 weeks old and the first time for me to hold one of them. She watched me and was in the spring position all the time the little one was in my hands, I carefully replaced the chick in the brooder, Momma was pleased and went outside for the first time since she started setting on the eggs, 6 weeks she has stayed with the eggs and/or chicks.  What a wonderful momma hen!!!  Smokey Lonesome has been leaving the brooder for a few minutes for about 2 weeks.  There will be no more baby chicks until next spring.  I am thinking about getting things in order for winter and baby chicks are not part of the program.  The egg production is starting to slow down and I see no sign of the spring born chicks thinking about working, they are have so much fun finding their place in the pecking order.  I had 11 full-grown hens, 2 of which are momma hens, 2 molting, there are 7 laying at this time.  The ever faithful duck is delivering an egg a day which equals 2 hen eggs.


This was our harvest on Saturday, August 10, 2013, I am one happy gardener!  With the voles, raccoons, opossums, stink bugs, horned tomato worms and a number of different types of beetles we seem to be having a nice harvest on a daily basis.  The garlic has dried and is now stored for me to start drying to make powder, choose the sets for this fall, we plant in October, and maybe preserving some in exciting new ways.  Fall garden is slowly being planted,  I started planting a few things in the tunnel, the cover is off and the climbing squash plants are growing all over it. There are a few upgrades I would like done to the tunnel, I am hoping these can be finished in time to close it up for the winter.  


At the end of the day, I can smile and say this was another day we have learned something or completed another project on the little farm.  Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the wild animals their habits, how to work and farm with them.  I see the storage pantry filling with goodies from our garden.  I complain about the loss to the animals, wind and other issues we cannot control.  As I watch the pantry fill I realize maybe sometimes these things happen for a good reason, I really do not know where the time would come from for me to do more.  As I put this week to bed, I think I shall also put the farmer to bed, I am starting to realize I need rest.  I understand why winter comes for I shall prop up my feet in front of the wood stove, taking care of my responsibility of watching the fire burn, I will put a pot of our beans on the stove and remember the goodness of  this summer.