Saturday, October 19, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, October 19, 2013

Wednesday, I knew I could no longer play the waiting game, they must come down, all of the beautiful squash plants had to be pulled from the tunnel.  I pulled, stacked, cut with my nippers and after about an hour I walked outside the tunnel and saw the empty side of the tunnel.  My heart sank, it was as if I had just destroyed the garden of 2013.  We have enjoyed so many loaves of cucuzzi bread, squash with onions, the squash apple pie plus many dehydrated squash this year.  I stood in the garden looking at this as if I were in a graveyard I could feel my eyes tearing, I was looking for a few missed squash to take in the house just as some like to take a few flowers from the graves.  For some reason, this part of the garden has meant so much to me.  I really felt like I had accomplished something every time I walked into the garden and saw this jungle I had created.  There were several types of climbing squash plants and I decided to add the climbing spinach.  I have a large bag of spinach in the fridge which needs to be cleaned, frozen or steamed and eaten.  After feeling sorry for myself, I decided that next year will be better.  I know for a fact I will be pulling the plastic off the tunnel once again when the weather is warm and I shall have climbing plants on it.  Mr. Bootsie has promised additional cattle panels next summer as we all enjoyed this year's crop in so many ways.


I had to do it, open one jar of the potato soup which was canned.  I used 1/3 cup of the soup mix I made a couple of weeks prior to thicken the potato soup, it was delicious.  I am so pleased with the results of this  and being able to have a meal on the table in 30 minutes from start to finish, I know I shall be canning more potato soup in the future.  We have been trying a recipe, this recipe was for baked sweet potatoes using coconut oil.  I thought about this decided to try this recipe using russet potatoes.  We have made this twice this week, slicing the potatoes a different thickness each time, I decided I like the potatoes sliced very thin, oven fried and served with a kefir ranch dressing.  I think from everything I am reading these chips may be very good for us to eat or maybe not,  but they really did taste good.


Wood gathering has been going on this week, the new log rack has been filled and covered by the house.  Mr. Bootsie is already in love with this change.  There is enough wood on this rack to last quite a while.  We may be able to fill only once a week when the weather is moderate.  Friday afternoon, was spent replacing the posted signs around our property.  We are in an area which is not to be hunted, but people see woods and totally,  do not realize there is a barn and pasture lot in the middle of the woods.  I fear for my ladies as some of those who hunt around here do not hunt with a clear head and may take a shot at something that resembles a deer.  I, also, fear for myself as I am always moving through the woods doing projects.


Progress is being made, the efforts to learn how to crow are starting to pay off.  We are now hearing a err, err so the rooster is on his way to finding his voice.  If his voice is anything like he is there will be beautiful music around here in the mornings.  I have had real progress blending the flock.  I have always known food was the problem, I have tried feeding the little peeps in their own bowl with the big girls, I changed the way I do this and feed the little peeps in the coop and the girls outside.  After everyone has eaten, I let the little peeps go where they wish,  leaving the brooder open so they may come and go.  They do spend sometime in the brooder but real progress is being made and they are not being pecked by the big girls.  I may make my goal of having everyone in the big girls coop before cold weather sets in.


With the tunnel being replaced this coming week, I am in the process of replanting most of the garden.  There are butter beans, pole beans and spinach remaining from the summer garden.  Turnips are starting to develop the thicken roots but the tops have been eaten off, I really do not know if they will develop but I hope they do.  I am pulling lots of chickweed for the girls almost everyday.  I found myself looking a seed book thinking what shall I order for next spring.  The row covers came out this week and I have them over the beds I planted this week.  I started digging the lemon balm from the herb garden, I had no idea the size of the root system these herbs develop.  With digging them up, I am finding they have worked the soil, while it is hard work I am finding beautiful soil under them.  I have planted potatoes in the garden.  I like to start some in the fall and hope for early potatoes in the spring.  I will be mulching my onions and potatoes in the coming weeks.


The pace has slowed, I am quite ready for a break.  Living on a farm there is always something to think about,  Saturday morning, I went to the barn lot and realized Lacie, one of goats is in heat, I am going to skip this opportunity and see when she cycles again.  The way I figure we could have a late March birth and I would rather wait until April.  I know there are many ways to look at this but I do not feel I am ready to have little ones in the snow.  This will be a new venture for both of us and I would like to make it as easy as possible.

I keep thinking there is not going to be anything to share with you but there is always something going on around here.  With 4 goats, 17 chickens, and 2 ducks life just doesn't get dull.  Thanks for stopping by, I do look forward to our visit.  You can always visit the Facebook page to leave a comment about our post, some feel it is a much easier way to comment.  Looking forward to hearing from you!!!  Have a wonderful week!!!!