Sunday, November 17, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, November 16, 2013

During the fall and winter I have a lot more time to play in the kitchen.  Some would call it work, but I  enjoy learning and working on new projects,  I want to learn to grow veggies and fruits I can use in the food preparation, I want to reduce the cost of food in our house but have an interesting and varied menu.  I have been busy all this week working with one of the squash we enjoyed as a green squash during the summer and this squash turns into a winter squash if left in the garden.  This is our first year to harvest this as a winter squash.  I learned I need to leave a few earlier in the season to grow into the winter squash, I had the pleasure of harvesting 2 this fall and now I am learning how to make wonderful dishes with the squash.  The squash is zucchette Rampicante-Tromboncino.  My seeds came from Pinetree Garden Seeds at, this is one of my favorite seed houses and they have signed the safe seed pledge.


There is always talk about natural fermentation, the wine I am making was kick started with yeast.  I do think when my momma made her wine she let it set and collect the wild yeast.  With the amount of bread made in this house, sour dough and kefir working, I should be able to capture some wild yeast to start the process of making wine.  We were watching the wine work on Sunday,  3 days into the process, and we have a little contained volcano working in the pantry.  I have made wine before, but I really just put it the containers and went on my way.  This one I am stopping and looking, it is very interesting.  Right now, I am happy using yeast, but one day I may try natural fermentation.

                                This picture was taken on Friday morning, Day 8 of fermenting. 

In using this new squash, I made butternut squash and apple soup. Butternut puree and Squash muffins.
This squash will be in our garden because we are finding ways to use this veggie.  I have not started making pasta with it but it is on the list.


Lou is visiting and having a wonderful time, he became very friendly with another of the ladies this week.  On Thursday, he and Belle became the very best of friends.  Mr. Bootsie is locating trees which we can bring down easily for winter fed for the goats.  He has been busy taking down the watering system and replacing the watering system when we find there are a few days of nice weather.   As every thing we have water going to runs down hill, it is very easy to drain all of the hoses and fill the duck pond at the same time.  


The mornings have a new sound, I never thought I would be excited to hear a rooster crow but it sure puts a smile on my face as he is getting a stronger crow every day and now, he is practicing during the day.  Eggs are slowing down, it will be a while before the little welsummer chicks begin to lay.  I am hoping with the duck eggs I can make it through the winter and continue to feed the girls some eggs each day.  The only problem,  I am expecting,  Momma Duck may go into molting at anytime and there would be no eggs from her for a while.   There will be more molting but the coop is in recovery at this time.  Eva has starting looking like a chicken without tail feathers, but her body feathers are coming in nicely.  


I planted seeds,  this week,  to install in the tunnel when they come up.  I have beets coming up in the tunnel, watercress is starting to grow in the greenhouse.  We are pulling off the winter covering off the row tunnels when we can, I do like to let Mother Nature bless these plants with rain.  There are a few turnips in the garden.  I will be pulling these to go into salads.


I will be spending sometime organizing the seeds which I have on hand, filling in the voids with old trusted seeds or looking for something new and exciting.  I must get this task underway as I like to order my seeds before the new year.  


A few cold mornings have reminded us we must carry water for all of the animals during the cold days of winter.  The use of gallon jugs returns for this purpose.  The trees are now fingers reaching up to the heavens, looking for the warmth of the sun, I will be planting seeds all winter for the tunnel, and I shall be looking for the warmth of the sun to grow the plants in the tunnel.  I was pleased to get somethings started earlier this year, but I hope I have learned I must start much earlier than I did.  On a farm if you pay attention, you can learn from your mistakes.  I have made my share but I have learned quite a lot by making mistakes.  People will share their victories but I admire those who share their failures.

This was another good week on the farm, I think, only time will tell.  I will need about 5 months to be sure.  Please drop by and see if things are working out because April could be a very busy month for us.  Have a wonderful week!!!