Saturday, February 15, 2014

Triple Creek Farm, February 15, 2014

After all of the winter we had been through we really thought we were prepared for this week.  Of course, you check to be sure you are right.  First thing I did was count the bales of hay.  I had Saturday the 15th marked on the calendar as the day I needed to pick up hay.  After checking, I became concerned, we could make it to the 15th, no problem, but we could not make it to the 22nd.  I called to see if the hay could be picked up on another day with snow on the calendar again for Saturday.  Well, I must have cried and begged properly, because the farmer let me come over and get my 10 bales of hay and now I know my girls will be well fed.  My life would have been interesting with 4 goats, 2 months from having babies and no hay to feed them.  This problem fixed.

Checking the weather report Friday, I saw wonderful temperatures are heading our way after this next round on Saturday morning.  I can't wait.  Our land is so moist I am not sure if I will be able to plant potatoes March 17th or not.  I did plant some in the fall but I wonder if they have been eaten by the moles.  I kept telling Mr. Bootsie there is going to a Valentine's snow and then the weather would improve.

The farmer came over to visit the goats.  She took a look at one of them, said twins and the goat we were in question about, well, no more.  As I stand quietly by the fence watching I see movement on the right side of my ladies.  I can see the little dumplings moving and I get so excited.  When the farmer left she took my duck eggs  and she will put them in her incubator to see if they are fertile.  I think they are, as I am seeing the bull's eye when I crack them.  If so, I will have baby ducks in 28 days.  My hen's eggs have a really good bull's eyes in them, but I need to wait for a broody hen.  Springtime is going to be interesting here on our little farm.

We prepared for the snow, watched the snow, shoveled the snow, had more snow and sleet.   Now I sit by the window waiting for the snow to go away.

During the snow, we stayed up all night and Mr. Bootsie went out to remove the snow from the cold tunnel every 2 hours.  I know to many of you this sounds dumb but it is necessary.  I remember many a time when I was growing up, my Daddy would go out during the night and pull snow from the roof of our house and barn.  Snow is heavy and not a friend to the farmer.  Snow and fire are two things a farmer can do without.  I am so pleased Mr. Bootsie is willing to help me when the weather is bad.

 The good news. we did not loose the electric power, the trees stayed in the ground and did not fall on anything.  Saturday morning, Mr. Bootsie fired up the big truck and after it started, very quickly our drive was open to the state maintained road.  Once again we are connected to the world.  I must say I really did not think about being cut off from the world, with careful planning and stock-piling we had everything that was needed.  The wood rack has come in very handy because it has enough wood in it to last until we can begin bringing in wood daily.  Mr. Bootsie had reminded me a few weeks back we had not used the wood from the rack and I said to him, just you wait ...we will need it.  With 8 to 12 inches of snow it is difficult to get around and dangerous when trying to carry wood.  Now,  he is so pleased there is a wood rack by the door.

My city boy learned quite a bit during this winter.  When he worked I took care of everything; but, now he is home helping and is seeing why I do things the way I do.  It is getting much easier as I am not having to explain my decisions.  He is starting to take some responsibility for getting chores done and this is making my job a lot easier.  I really may have the time needed to milk the goats and make cheese.    Life never stops it is just one adventure after another.

Time to put another week to bed and start dreaming about what I will be getting into next week.  Stay safe and keep counting the days until spring, oh, those of you South of the Equator just keep enjoying your summer.  Until...There is something new to share from the farm!!!