Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring is on the way, In the Coop and Goat Barn

I am so ready for this winter to be put to bed, along with a number of other folks, there were 2 new snows this week.  It doesn't matter how much snow we get, there were 2 more days, cloudy, wet, chilly, cold and I was not happy.  Days with sunshine would be such a pleasure.  But complaining is really all I can do, because I know we have NO control over the weather.  Thanks goodness for this!!!

I did do some fun things, made a freezer of ice cream and had lots of memories of times past when my family would make a freezer of cream almost every week.  Worked on a bread recipe, I am now learning to bake my casserole bread in a cast iron pan.  Sorry, I have none left for you to taste but there will be more next week.  The last trombonica squash is puree and squash bread, there is a small amount left to make soup with.  I spent two afternoons in the tunnel getting ready for spring.  The moles/voles are spending lots of time there.  I am going to mix up another batch of tea for them to see if this will send them some other place.  Very easy to make:   2 cups ammonia mixed with 1/4 cup water and 2 tablespoons dish washing soap.  Pour in  mole tunnels and cover.  What is planted in the cold tunnel is starting to grow.

Next week, we should have new farm friends.  The Farmer took some of our duck eggs and put them in her incubator.  She checked on them after a few days and they were starting to develop.  This past Sunday the eggs came home along with incubator and should hatch on the 11th of March.  I am making arrangements for them to have a place to live.  Too cold for them to go to the coop without a momma duck to keep them warm.

The goats are getting rounder and rounder, time has come for me to get things in order for our first birthing.  First ones should be born on April 12, This could be a busy day as we are expecting 2 of the ladies to give birth the same day.  I am starting to gather my supplies, plan to pick up a fresh load of straw, make some meals so I can spend lots of time with the babies.  I am hoping Spring will be in the air and warm, this was my plan when we bred in November, will it work out?  I have no idea.

It is time for Mr. Bootsie to get to work, I want the outside wall on the barn before the little ones arrive. Saturday morning, he was up, gathering his tools and, yes, he went to the barn by way of the coop to check on his girls.  The first order of business for him is to put up a temporary fence because he said he doesn't need 4 goats helping him.  By the end of the day there was progress.  We are very pleased with the progress he made in one day.

Seeds are coming up and I am starting to up pot.  Some are being planted in larger pots and put in the tunnel.  I have lots of kale up and I will be putting this in the row tunnels.  By Saturday afternoon I got into the garden.  Walking onions are coming up, garlic is looking good and there is lots of winter damage.  I have my work waiting for me.  The land is wet, soggy wet.  I was just glad to be able to get outside and see where I need to start.  I can tell you now,  there will not be any potatoes planted on March 17th.  My spring garden is going to be late because I really do not see how the land is going to be able to dry.

Tonight, we will be turning the clocks to day light saving time, life here on the farm will not change because the animals go to bed about sunset.  We will continue to work with our animals and keep them happy.  I think I need to go to bed and try to get a little rest before the hour is jumped over.  Time for me to say night-night and I will be visiting with you in just a few days.