Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weather, to cold to plant garden: Rain, to wet to plant garden

This week, the rains turned the soil around our little farm into water ditches,  We reworked the ditches, the goat pasture should have been called a swimming hole, the ducks would have loved to get into the pasture and dig holes.  The girls were kept inside the coop, all of the little birds stayed inside and sent me notes about what a bad chicken mommie I am.

The happiest critters on the farm were the ducks!!!  Water, Water everywhere and the ducks were everywhere I would let them go.  The new goat yard worked just as we had planned.  The ladies were able to add the protected goat yard to their play area, they ate and napped there.  This proved to be a wonderful addition to our farm.

Because I have raised beds in the garden, most of them drained,  Saturday afternoon we were able to work in the garden.  I was working beds pulling weeds, picking lettuce, spinach and a few snow peas.  The moles worked on the onions this week.  I am so pleased I have several different beds of walking onions as I will be able to have sets to start next year.  We are putting a number of crops in large pots and barrels.  I will be able to harvest something.  After the raccoons destroyed the berries last summer I see good progress and I do think I will be picking berries this year.  Mr. Bootsie has the trap set and we trying to be pro-active about the critters.

Saturday morning, we attended the largest chicken swap in Virginia.  I did purchase 3 ducks eggs and I have a hen who is broody.  Duck eggs are 28 days, chicken eggs are 21 day to hatch.  My plan is to set the hen tomorrow with my duck eggs and next Sunday I will add chicken eggs.  This girl is super broody so I am hoping she will stay with the nest.  I need a new drake as the drake I have is the daddy of my 3 little ducks.

The 3 ducks I hatched from my pair are such sweet little ones.  At night I put them in the coop and they sleep with the baby chickens.  They sit outside the coop and wait for me to put everyone up.  I put their food down and they come in, I hope this lasts because they are coming up 2 steps to get in the coop and I thought they would never do  this.

There was a lot of time lost this week. but the weather did give me chance to catch a few winks in the afternoon.  I get quite lazy when the weather is not happy, I do much better on happy days.  It took lots of extra time to settle everyone inside. as we are geared for our animals to go outside and play.  Every morning we went in rain coats and rubber boots.  Some afternoons it was still pouring by Thursday the rain cleared but we were tired of all the preparing just to go to barn and coop.  Thankful the rain was over it was a pleasure to do our chores without the protective clothes.

I look forward to next week, Fresh lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and a few onions will be picked from the garden.  Some of our barrels are ready to be planted.  The cover will stay on the tunnel for a few more days.

Fresh Veggies, Yes, Spring did come to our farm!!!!