Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Memories of Momma

This morning, as I was washing my frying pan, I had a memory float through my mind.  I have been cooking and using the same frying pan plus a few others for 50 years.  Why?  After 50 years did I have a look into my past that moved me like this.

Momma had 1 cast iron skillet and 1 griddle pan.  She took wonderful care of them.  I never remember there being any rust, food never stuck to her skillet and what wonderful food was on the table cooked in this one skillet.  Fried pork chops, fried chicken with white gravy, Momma could really cook wonderful meals.

I have read many articles and posts on how to care for cast iron, burn the pans in a fire.  I have burned pans in the fire and I have cooked the pans in the oven.  All of these things work.  This morning I saw Momma standing in her kitchen wringing out the dish rag until it was dry.  She had just finished washing her skillet, she took the dish rag and wiped the skillet.  It was so clear to me, I have never remembered Momma doing this until this morning.  So, there I stood, dish rag in my hand, wringing it out completely dry and began to wipe my skillets as I was washing 2 this morning.  Mr. Bootsie stood watching me with the look of why are doing this?  He could see satisfaction on my face, I began to share with him as I just did with you.

My comment to him was 50 years I have been cooking and doing whatever to take care of my skillet but this one morning it was clear to me; in the future, I shall be taking care of my skillet the same way Momma did.  You see one of the skillets I have was Momma's and I, also, have her griddle.  I think if I would take the time to do some research I am cooking in a cast iron skillet which has been used in our family kitchen for over 90 years.  I have no idea as to how old the griddle is because Momma found the griddle on the farm.

No, I am not suggesting to any of you this is the way to take care of your skillets, but for me this just pleased  me to realize a memory of growing up could bring me so much comfort.  Now if I could find some of those red and white dish rags Momma used.