Sunday, May 20, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, May 19, 2012

Life on the farm has its highs and lows.  When you finish a task and everything works, what a high you receive.  Only to turn around and there is something else that needs to be addressed.  I know it is the same wherever you live, so I just want to reflect on the highs.  They keep me going.  Most of the seeds came up this year, the transplants are living and not having to be replaced.  We are getting some very nice showers of blessings, so I do not have to haul out the hoses and water our gardens.  We are harvesting a few vegetables with more to come.  There are eggs with lots of protein for us and the chickens.  Life is good on Triple Creek Farm.


I began freezer clean out and made a batch of raspberry jelly.  I have a sourdough roll recipe I enjoy making.  From dough to table in less than 90 minutes.  This allows me to have hot rolls for a meal without taking half of the day.  These rolls are so good with the raspberry jelly on them.


We are cutting grass, pulling weeds to feed the compost pile and cutting brush.  I let the compost break down and move it in buckets to the run and the girls work and poop in the compost.  The ducks have added a real twist to working the compost.  When they finish working it I was amazed how it was broken up.  I will take all the help I can get.  All they want in return is greens to eat so we have a deal.


Sunday, May 13, 2012, Mr. Bootsie was helping me at the coop.  He went inside to change the water and came out with the strangest look on his face.  You need to go in and check the nest.  I checked the nest and there was an egg about the size of a quarter.  This picture is the eggs collected Sunday.

The total egg count this week was 49.  I have 9 laying hens at this time.  Aurora is taking care of the little peepsl.

The ducks have settled in and starting to enjoy life here.  They are so cute waddling everywhere.  One of the ducks is not able to quack,  the other one makes enough noise it is not a problem.  They wait each day for the girls to have their early evening time out of the run, the ducks go out with the girls and watch them.    They spend the night in the chicken run.  Leaving in the morning before the girls are let out.  The ducks have been named, Tweedle and Deedle.  Since we do not know if they are boys or girls Mr. Bootsie and I thought this was a safe decision.  


I have only used natural plants foods in the garden.  I took the time this week to make sure everything has been fed.  I have used chicken manure, compost and plant foods from an organic company.  The garlic leaves are starting to turn brown.  Harvest time is coming.  It is about time to plant the pole beans.  I am waiting a little later this year because for the last 2 years I have not had a good crop.  I do not have any reason why I am waiting,  I thought I would try a different time period.  The beets which came up are doing good, I am going to replant.  Each year the soil is a little better, but some has a long way to go.


I start with a small gathering basket in the early spring.  Later in the season I use several baskets to bring all of the crop.  I am very pleased we have our own lettuces, onions and radishes to make salads.  I do have some interesting greens to add this year.  I have a salad blend which has several kinds of greens.  There were extra sets of hands in the garden this Saturday as the wee folk were visiting with us.  They love to pick the garden and it is so much fun showing them how to do the things my parents taught me to do.  Maybe I will have another generation of gardeners in the family. Follow Triple Creek Farm on Facebook at Happy Hallow.