Sunday, May 27, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, May 26, 2012

What a difference a week can make.  Sunday morning after last weeks post was up I went to the garden to find squash, eggplant, pepper and cabbage plants dug up.  They were left laying by the holes.  What did this, I do not know.  Quickly, I replanted everything hoping with some water they would never know.  I did notice the finger roots were eaten off.  They were looking good on Monday as we are getting a farmer's rain.  Monday I noticed the broccoli raab and Tuscan kale have been chewed on.  The plants are there and I do not think I have damage enough to stop them from producing.  This is not bug damage, something ate the leaves.  Only time will tell.


A little chilly Monday with the farmers rain and I have a big pot of chili cooking.  Mr. Bootsie will eat chili 12 months of the year.  I made more of the sourdough English muffins this week and worked the sourdough starter.  This is turning into one good starter. There was a ham in the fridge and I know I will be needing the space for veggies, I decided to bake the ham.  It is always nice to have something to slice and add a interest to our meals.   Salads with lots of the ingredients coming from the garden have been our meals this week.


This has been a week of rain, some days with wonderful farmer's rain and other days with storms.  But Mr. Bootsie was able to put in the T post on 3 sides of the pasture.  One more tree was felled that will be processed into firewood.  Several small gum trees were dropped, we do use them for firewood, they become borders for the gardens  raised beds. Progress, things never go as you plan them but we do get them done.  We have a starting date of June 4th (?) on the pole barn.


The little peeps are still in the house, they are now 4 weeks old and looking rather strange.  Aurora is training them and has them flying and landing very surefooted.  The tail feathers are starting to show.  The sad thing is they are growing so quickly and Aurora is so small, in no time they are going to be bigger than their Mommie.

Ducks are doing great.  These 2 have settled in with their friends in the best way.  They are truly in love with the chickens.  Our coop is surrounded with woods and when the chickens go out hunting worms to far away from the coop the ducks go out and bring them back.  We do not let any of them go out by themselves, I am there or Mr. Bootsie.  I think the ducks are telling us we do not do a good job of watching the girls.

Feather had a rough weekend.  She will allow the wee folk to hold her and I think she let me know enough is enough.  I did not get an egg from her until Friday.

The egg count this week is 47.  The little cochins are wonderful layers and are outlaying the large chickens.  The little peeps if any are hens should be good layers,  the ducks I am hoping for 1 layer, 2 would be wonderful.


Started picking sugar snap peas, Holland greens, lettuces and a few raspberries.  Pulled some turnips and finished the early radishes.  Spring onions are being pulled and the tops go to the kitchen to be dried.  Corn is tall enough for the pole beans to be planted.

We have had a critter in the garden this week.  It has an European taste.  I started putting the row covers back on the veggies being consumed.  They are put on at night and taken off during the day.  This worked for a day and then things were munched under the row cover.  We contacted the local farm store and the animal traps were not here.  Mr. Bootsie went to one about 50 miles from us and picked up 2 traps.  Friday night, no luck but there was no new damage in the garden.  Saturday night, he added cat food to the bait, Mr. Bootsie has a friend with a large farm on the river who will take any animal we trap.

The sweet potatoes are in the ground.  Yes, I slipped my potatoes and did not buy the slips from the greenhouse.  The tomatoes are starting to bloom and I am so excited.  This week I had my first spring onion sandwich and now I am awaiting the first tomato sandwich.


I enjoy my life in the country.  Sure, there was a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw the damage in the garden.  Momma always said you need to plant extra.  Now I am not sure if she meant other crops or just a lot of what you planted.  I know I will have something in the garden to eat, can and freeze.  Animal traps will become one of our gardening tools.  I learned from my parents to do what you need to do.  My sick feeling quickly went away as I saw how well other things were growing.  I know I heard this many times growing up "You cannot have everything." and this is a good example.

One thing for sure, life is not boring on Triple Creek Farm, daily updates on Facebok