Sunday, August 19, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, August 18,2012

I went to check on things at the coop, let the girls and little peeps out.  When I arrived there was a war going on.  The roosters (2 of them) were on top of the feed containers and Feather was between them and the little cochins.  I have six cochins which are about 1 year old and she had all of them behind her.  I went and opened the door into the run for the roosters to go out and they did not know what to do.  If they moved, she moved and they were not going to bother her chickens.  I went inside and moved the roosters on their way, Feather was not a happy girl.  Moved the roosters over to the duck run, came in and told her all was well, after a few minutes she did believe me and she moved aside so the cochins could go into the run.  As much as I regret it, something has to be done.  These roosters are really big birds.  At this time they are 3 times as big as the cochins and I do not want to put in another run.  This problem will solve itself in time but each day I am putting the roosters into the duck run and keeping my little cochins safe.

Feather keeps things straight in the coop as she is the head hen.  She had things under control and was keeping the cochins safe until I arrived.  Such a good girl!


I have not made rye bread in quite a while.  I decided to make a loaf on Thursday and remembered just how easy this bread is to make.  There is only 1 rise and then you shape, put in the load pan, where it rises again and is baked.

Saturday, we made sourdough waffles with blackberry syrup.  More blackberry jelly was put into jars.


I have started taking cuttings from some of the border plants.  I will be wintering them in the greenhouse.  I saw a prediction that we may have snow this winter.  I will be heavy mulching to protect my plants.

Compost piles have been worked this week.  Started adding compost to the beds where we are putting in fall and winter crops.  I will be planting rye in the beds we are not using, I did this method of green manuring last year and the beds I worked produced a better crop this year.

The fence row is just about finished.  Mr. Bootsie is putting in the corner supports and he is almost there.


The flock has been keeping me on my toes this week.  More time than normal has been spent at the coop.  We are going thru an adjustment time.  Saturday, I was pleased to see an egg from Feather, she has finished molting.  Some of the cochins are molting because the egg count is way down and feathers are in the coop are everywhere.  Chickens running about with their skin showing,  I feel  sorry for them when they look so shabby.

This week 34 eggs were collected.  The little peeps have not started laying, I am looking so forward to seeing their eggs.  I check everyday in the duck run and still no duck eggs.  Not knowing how old they were when we got them it is just a guessing game.  One day there will be an egg or should I say someday.


Blackberries have finished.  There will be a couple to pick and eat in the garden for a few days and I will start pruning the vines.  All the stock which had berries on them this year will need to be removed. The fall raspberries are becoming more productive almost daily.

Tomatoes are slowing down, late green beans are blooming.  My climbing spinach is out doing itself.  The corn is starting to dry and I will be harvesting it later.  The walking onions (which I planted last week) are up and now I will put in another row of them.  I have dug all the potatoes and pulled all the onions.  Found a few beets which I will pull and cook next week.  Watermelons are looking real good.  Pepper plants are loaded,  that is one crop which has been good here for several years.  All types of peppers really do produce here.  Planted a bed of turnips just before the misting we had on Friday night.


Fall has been in the air this week.  Several mornings have been just a little cool.  School started in two neighboring counties.  Poplar trees are starting to loose their leaves.  I am seeing a few on the ground now.  The Virginia creeper is turning red.   We can plant lettuces, radishes and lots of cole crops for fall and early winter harvest.  I have a new cold frame which I will be putting together.  My thoughts are turning from how to protect the garden from the heat to how to protect from the cold.  I have been reading how other gardeners north of us have crops all winter, I plan to put some of their ideas to work this year.

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