Saturday, November 17, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, November 17, 2012

It all started so long ago, 6 little eggs placed under Aurora and 4 hatched, 2 were roosters and that left 2 pullets.  Today, Monday the 12th of November, one has become a hen.  I really was in question if this was going to work.  It has been so many years since I was watching my momma take care of hens and chicks, I was afraid I would do something wrong and never have the little marans lay any eggs.   Thank goodness, Aurora knew what to do and how to do it. The last few days some of the other hens have been watching my girl, I guess showing her the ropes of nesting boxes.  This morning she was acting a little different and I was wondering if I would see a dark brown egg in one of the nesting boxes. This week there have been 4 of these beautiful brown eggs.  I do understand why this is such a popular bird to add to the flock.  This egg really makes you smile.


Things have been quiet in the kitchen this week.  I did try my hand at drying pumpkin and I was real pleased with the way it dried.  I have not had time to try using any.  This will come later.  I enjoy a pot of soup and this week I made what Momma always called poor man's soup.  I will let all of you take a guess at what this soup is.  I love it and it is so easy to make.


Mr. Bootsie had to go and pick up hay for the goats.  He is adding one more section to the cold tunnel so back to the farm store to buy one more hog panel, they were on sale this week and he was wondering is we should buy some extra.


The egg count is going down.  I am so thankful for the duck eggs and now I am waiting for the other maran to start laying.  This week 13 hen eggs were collected and the faithful duck laid 7 eggs.


I lost the cucumber plants in the greenhouse.  We just do not keep the heat high enough.  The cold tunnel is now enclosed with plastic and when I go in, it is very warm it the tunnel.  The plants were started a little late for the cold tunnel but I am trying what I have. If we have anything to harvest it will be good.  This season is a learning experience for me, I have never gardened under cover, I have been doing some reading as to how others are doing this.


The Wee Folk came to spend the weekend with us.  Our working habits do change when they come.  I try to spend all the time I can with them.  I do enjoy having young ones in the house.  They are growing up so quickly, I feel as they both should still need help with so many things and now they are help us.  It was so much fun watching them shell the bloody butcher corn.  They asked if they could do it  and shelled every ear.  There was about 25 ears left to be shelled and I know the animals will enjoy this corn after I grind it for them.  I think I can feed some to the goats without grinding it, but I need to check on this to be sure I am right.

I thank all of you who stop by and read about our little farm.  I see we have new friends and I am so pleased you found something you enjoyed here.  This Thursday we shall celebrate Thanksgiving.   A day which was set aside to give Thanks,  There are so many things here on our little farm to be thankful for, I think my daddy said it well.  For all these blessing  we have received, we Thank You.  And on our table shall be a few things from our little farm.  Our Thanksgiving will be so special to me because I was able to raise some of the vegetables and the girls provided the eggs.

                                            HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE