Saturday, November 3, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, November 3, 2012

Sandy is coming to visit, time to prepare for an event.  I know she will not be here for long but from the way they are talking about her she will/will not do some damage.  We have always tried to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Sunday was spent checking on things, extra wood where it would be within easy reach and stay dry.  Things that could fly like chair cushions were all removed and stored away.  We stock food so this was not an issue.  Because we have a well, in every bathroom there is 2 gallons of water for flushing.  I have these stored under the toilets.  I pulled about 5 gallons of water for  cooking and drinking.  Extra fuel just in case.  Sandy left her footprint to the East, West and North of our little farm.  We were so fortunate, I do not think I saw the lights flicker once.  There are times when I feel we were chosen to live here.  I know we were taken care of.  No, we shall always prepare as long as we are able.  You see, we have always been told, you have to do your part.  Preparing keeps us in practice for the next time, and one day maybe a visitor we should prepare for.


Canning and freezing the vegetables from the garden works only if we use them.  We, also, freeze a lot of meat as we smoke and cook it.  I try to do everything in serving portions.  This way when it comes from the freezer I do not have a huge chunk to defrost.  I freeze my ground beef in 1/2 pound packages.    My goal this year is to use something from the freezer or canning pantry 4 to 5 times a week.  This week I have been doing real good.  Turkey stock with  black eyed peas. Ham sliced for ham and cheese biscuits.  Holland greens and smoked pork.  From the canning pantry, tomatoes which were stewed.  A pot of vegetable beef soup using a sirloin roast from the freezer, from the canning pantry tomato juice and green beans with potatoes.   It takes a little more planning using the frozen items, I have to learn to plan what I am having for my meals.


We made sure there was plenty of bedding for the goats as they may have to stay in for a couple of days.  With the storm passing,  each day had sometime when it was not raining and I was able to let them out everyday this week.  Friday evening when the chickens were out on the chicken walk the goats discovered the chicken run.  They went in and found the ramp.  Goats heading into the coop by way of the ramp, I had some very unhappy chickens.  Goats decided they love chicken pellets and I had to take the feeder down.  Saturday, when the goats were let out guess where they went,  I have never seen chickens move so fast.


Ducks and hens do not care if it is raining.  I opened all the runs into one and they played for 2 days.  The girls have found they can go into the duck house and steal their grain.  There were no afternoon walks until Thursday and they were so happy to get out of the run, lots of leaves on the ground gives them something to scratch in and find whatever it is they eat.

No eggs from the little peeps, to the best of my knowledge.  They should lay the copper eggs and I have not seen any.  I am seeing what I think to be smaller eggs, some of the cochins have finished their molt and could be laying a smaller egg..  I think this is going to be a wait and see.  I just think the moran eggs are so pretty.  One of the oldest girls started laying again on Sunday.

The month of October I collected 105 hen eggs and 29 duck eggs.  This week, 22 hen eggs collected and 7 duck eggs.


The cold tunnel has come a long way.  We have decided to add one additional section and this tunnel will run the length of 1 row in the garden and covering two 4 foot wide beds with a walk way between them.  I am picking a few vegetables and pulling onions.  The first sign of frost was Friday night, there was not a lot of damage and I will still be able to pick somethings.


The damage from Sandy in other parts of the country has been heartbreaking.  The healing process is going to be long and hard.  For so many who have loss so much I am so very sorry.  Many have loss family members or friends please ask someone to hug you because I cannot be there to comfort you.  I think it is very important to let others know how you feel about them for you never know what will happen.  My Friends, I think of others often and I hope everything works out for you.