Saturday, February 23, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, Feb 23, 2013

Talk about taking the wind out of your kite!!!  Mind laid flat down on the ground, Sunday evening 2 weeks ago I crashed into the biggest thickest wall ever.  I thank goodness that most of the time I am able to miss out on all of the free flues and colds people love to share with one another.  And yes, they love to share at the grocery store, Run in, blowing nose and getting orange juice.  Touching every container because they need a special one.  How many of us wash the container the orange or milk comes in?  No, we just put all of those germs in the fridge and let them party with our fresh veggies and deli products.  Grab the hand sanitizer and say I have taken care of this.

I know that my wall was not the flu or a cold, I think it was time for me to take a rest, much needed one.  We have been here 7 years in March and I have not had any rest.  I was the care giver of 2 older seniors until they left us, neither lived with us but I was responsible for being sure they had what they needed and all of the medical appointments.  Right into having animals here on the farm .  I had been so busy for 4 years I had forgotten how to stop, relax and enjoy what we have.  In the last 3 years I managed to sit with chickens in the evening for about 1 hour most days and that helped me.  Along came another crisis and my friend was losing his life and wanted me to take care of his goats.  We did not have fence or a barn and we hurried to get the fence in, barn is still being worked on.  Goats are happy and that is all that matters.  

I made it through the last 2 weeks with the help of Mr. Bootsie who just took over.  I knew the boy could do it if he wanted to, He knew it was important to me and I would get up before I should to take care of my crew if I thought it was necessary.  This was a learning experience for me.  My animals looked at me as if why are you here, we are glad to see you but we are doing great and great they were.  He is a generous farmer, fed them more treats than they should have but they were happy animals when Momma returned.  My bedding plants were sprayed and taken care of.  I remember hearing him say one day he was misting something.  I may have hit a wall but I had an awakening, I have help and he is willing.  


I am trying something new.  Making our own corned beef.  I found a cut of meat I thought would be good and now it is in the brine.  I think making corned beef may be like making pickles except you do it in the fridge.  It will be in the brine for 10 days after which I will be cooking it.  Only time will tell. 


Mr. Bootsie has been doing some work.  We have a wonderful passion flower arbor but we are trying to hide something we do like looking at all the time we sit on the porch.  The arbor was put in with the idea we would add to it.  Mr. Bootsie found behind a local store, a rack which he has added to arbor.  It will almost double the size of our arbor.  Wonderful find, improvements with no cost.  

The goat barn is coming along, the 2 ends are finished and 1 side has the door made for it.  


The girls are able to keep things going as long as they are fed and watered.  I use the deep straw method and the coop stays clean.  We do pick up all the litter we can but there is not a lot.  The duck house needs to be cleaned weekly and Momma duck is not a happy when the straw is changed.  

Egg production is returning, this week the girls laid 48 eggs.  There were 7 ducks eggs, that girl is dedicated, I must say I am amazed.


I did visit the cold tunnel this week and water everything.   You can see the plants are thinking about warm weather.  Bedding plants are looking good and waiting for me to say it is time to install.


Farm life is good.  I am making the rounds and the animals are ready for some warm weather.  I am ready to start walking the goats and letting them out to graze.  Thinking about what we are going to add to the flocks this year.  Right now,  I am thankful I was able to get the wall out of my way and see what wonderful things are happening right here on our little farm.