Saturday, February 9, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, February 9, 2013

Mr. Bootsie bought home many things after 20+ years of employment at the same place.  He was not in the mood to unpack this treasures and put them away until Tuesday of this week.  I think his mind has cleared and he is not thinking of being any place but here on our little farm.  He had talked about working a few days a month but that subject has not been mentioned in a while.  I must say he has made the adjustment well.  Checking on the animals, bringing in the eggs several times a day are some of the things he spends his time doing.  I await the garden this year.  I know how excited I get for the first of everything, usually know which plant and watch very close to be sure I collect the first of each veggie.  I think my day is going to have to start real early to be in front of Mr. Bootsie.


I made pumpkin bread with frozen pumpkin.  I am going to be freezing my pumpkin a little differently, my recipe calls for 2 cups pumpkin and 2/3's cup of water.  I have decided to package 2 and 2/3's pumpkin in my freezer packages.  I used a package with 2 cups of pumpkin flesh in it but, after thawing there was only about 1 and 3/4 cups of pumpkin and lots of juice, enough to make the 2/3 cups of water.  Now I had juice with a small amount of pumpkin with residue in it, I thought my bread would be much more tasty using this and not plain water. Needless to say, Wow, this was the tastiest pumpkin bread I have ever made. Here is the recipe for pumpkin bread.

I made a pot of beef barley soup on Friday, and tried a recipe, one hour French bread which was very tasty and I came in from the chicken coop at 5:30 started making this bread and we were eating supper before 7, I am pleased as this is almost a quick bread.


Mr. Bootsie went to the mill and came in with a load of lumber to work on the barn construction and to repair some of the raised beds.  He has more lumber to pickup from the mill.  He is working on the barn for the goats.  This is a much needed project as they need a safe home if we are going to breed the girls.


Wednesday evening, I noticed my Eva eating oyster shell.  She was my last to molt.  I was so pleased because the coloring has returned to her comb and I know she will be laying really soon.  Thursday morning, when the girls were let out there was no Eva, I found her on the nest.  Checking for eggs later in the day,  there it was.  One BIG pretty white Eva egg, she is the only girl who lays a white egg.  Now we have everyone back on line.  I have eggs, I have a fridge full of eggs.  Hen eggs and ducks eggs what a wonderful problem to have.  Oh, I had better remember, if they go broody they stop laying.  I am sure I will have a few broody girls during the spring.

This week 44 hen eggs were gathered.  The faithful duck laid 7 more eggs.


I just could not stand it any longer and the broccoli plants were just getting too large.  Black plastic placed over a worked bed.  Five broccoli plants installed, covered with milk jugs and thick row cover.  Will they make it?  I really do not know, will I?  Yes, I have something in the garden to check on daily and that pleases me so much.

I have been planting seeds to grow by the wood stove all week.  Planted on Sunday and up Saturday were cayenne peppers.  I used my seeds from one of the pods I saved from last season.  I just broke the pod open and planted the seeds.  What an easy way to save seeds.


I found lilac buds this week, the robins are back and the hawks are doing their dance in the sky.  Bluebirds are working in the garden area.  When we first purchased this land there were not many birds around but our bird population is growing.  We have resident red-headed woodpeckers and lots of little birds which winter here.  In the greenhouse plants are starting to come alive.  The earth is awakening from it's winter rest.  I am so ready to see what wonderful things happened over the winter.  Have a lovely week thinking about springtime at your place.