Sunday, May 19, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, May 19, 2013

As I am oven canning the pineapple I dried last week,  I am thinking about the things I need to do to make the canning and freezing season easier for me. I love to make the pickles and do not feel as that is work.  I make a number of pickles which take days but I find it very interesting to watch the changes the cucumber makes and finally becomes a delicious pickle.

We made the provision run over to the valley Friday and someway I managed to visit my favorite grower in the valley.  Was chatting with one of the growers and talking about my plant history and would love to visit his grow houses and I was invited to come next spring for a day when the grow houses are just starting to bloom.  How exciting, I really do not think I have been in a grow house for about 15 years. That is one trip which will be on my calendar.  My friend has no idea how much he pleased me with opening his houses to me for a day.


We have been busy sharing kefir grains, I had some picked up a week ago.  This week I mailed grains in milk to a farm in the valley.  I love sharing the grains for I am passionate about my kefir.  I really do believe it is good for you and I know when I get lazy, my body tells me you need kefir milk, I have learned not to argue with my body.

I made sourdough rolls, this new batch of starter is delicious.  The rolls turned out moist, tender and the taste was pleasant to the palette.  I am making  cauliflower soup, this is made with kefir but you may use the milk of your choice and I use cheddar cheese.  On a chilly May evening this is going to be a great treat.

I did dehydrate some of the radishes, they are quite tasty, have a hot kick to them but call you back to have more.


Mr. Bootsie is moving any pile of fallen trees which looks as if it could become a home for the foxes.  We have not seen them but I stay on the look out, I see Mr. Bootsie taking some additional walks around, I know he is looking for any animal action around the pasture and runs.  We have not let the goats out and they are missing their freedom.


The two little chicks are growing, starting to fly and eat everything in sight.  Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, grass and starter pellets.  Little Grey was set on Sunday with 5 pheasant eggs,  she refused to allow me to take away an egg she had laid.  Would not stay on the nest without it, so needless to say that egg is under her.  Tuesday, I added 13 hen eggs and yes, she still has her egg.  At this point there seems to be no others interested in hatching eggs but that could always change.

Mr. Bootsie is building another brooder box, which will be greatly needed.

We are continuing to gather a duck egg everyday, hen egg production is not as good.  Two hens setting have reduced the layers to 9 and the up and down temperatures have effected the laying .


I am still setting tomatoes, have a few more things to plant.  We removed half of the cover from the cold tunnel this week.  I would have taken it all of but the rain has come and I do not want to store it wet.  I will remove this after everything is dry, which will not take long when the sun comes out.

Pole butter beans are coming up.  snow peas are starting to show pods, sun gold tomatoes are starting to bloom.  I  just purchased some bush butter bean seeds in the valley, we planted but only 5 came up and I am going to replant.  String beans are up, they were fed and mulched just before the rain came in.  Bloody butcher corn is coming along,  I think I will work it as soon as the land allows.  After this rain, I will be putting in the cucumbers.


It seems we start every morning and work until sundown, doing chores which need to be accomplished.  I sometimes feel as if I am the most disorganized person in the world.  I know we have to deal with each event as it come up and planning is what you try but it may not work the way you thought it would.  I am much further ahead than I have even been in putting in the garden, taking care of the girls, but I will not say anything about spring cleaning and fixing good meals.  Time now to rotate to the summer schedule, in the garden early, come in the house or a shaded area in midday to work and late afternoon find other shady places to work.

OH, no, I am not complaining, this is my time of the year and I love it.!!!