Saturday, May 25, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, May 25, 2013

Thursday, Mr. Bootsie was working on removing more of the pile where the fox den was located.  He has found firewood, sticks and excellent compost as this has been breaking down over 7 years.  I decided to go check on the coop.  Looking to the goat pasture, I saw a tree downed, right across the fence.  I called to Mr. Bootsie, "Do you have a chain saw with you? Tree on the fence and pushing down."  He quickly came my way, into the pasture we went, tree was cut and the new play ground was closed.  The goats were walking up the tree and  in no time at all they would have been out of the pasture.  The fence was pulled back into shape, we had no strong winds as both of us had been outside all morning.  How do these things happen?  I am just glad we were able to correct the situation quickly.  Lesson Learned, Don't ask why until after the problem is fixed.


Chive blossom jelly was made this week, this is one interesting jelly, we are thinking this will be a nice sauce to use on egg rolls.  Chive blossom vinegar was poured off Saturday afternoon.  We have a few more chive blooms.  I am thinking I will be using the garlic chives later in the year to make more jelly and possibly some vinegar.


Mr. Bootsie has had a productive week.  The bridge, used to access the cross creek woods, was missing side supports when we purchased the property now has one side repaired.  One of the large pine trees which fell during the winter/spring storms was used.   He has been bringing in firewood to split.  Cutting more trees for the goats to eat the leaves off.  He saves a little time each day to pull honeysuckle, this is an invasive plant, has a pretty flower and I think all children remember sucking the honey out of flower.  The Lady Gracie and Nibbles land clearing operation are doing a good job.  The ladies spend about 30 minutes a day out in the woods and it is starting to really show.  We were looking at trees we could bring down to help them in their task of opening up some of the woods.


We have never felt there was enough air movement in the coop, One of the windows was removed, the opening was covered with rat wire and an outside shutter was made to close when needed.  This sure bought on a fews cool nights for us.  I was in need of another brooder box and after drawing what I wanted on a napkin, Mr. Bootsie went to work and now the little chicks have a wonderful new home.  The little ones are going outside and playing in the chicken tractor, I think when the weather returns to warm Momma Hen may start making the journey back to joining the flock.  Moved Little Grey with her 18 eggs into the brooder so they would have room if and when they start to hatch.


Picking strawberries and snow peas.  A good bit of the garden has been planted and fed.  Garlic and onions now have scapes.

Walking onion scapes

Garlic Scapes 
I have been reading about pickled garlic scapes, I am thinking I may try onion scapes as well.  The walking onions are loaded with scapes.  The yellow zucchini plant is loaded.

I would like to think I am going to be picking a few zucchinis, last year we lost almost all of our squash plants to the stink bug.  The cold we are experiencing I think is blackberry winter as I can see color in the buds of the blackberry plants.  My climbing spinach, which is one of my favorite plants,  has come up where it was planted last year.  I will be moving these plants to the cold tunnel to climb the tunnel. 


I found some water plants when we went to the feed store.  I had a lovely pond before we moved here and I really was unhappy about having to leave it.  Slowly things are coming full circle and I am working on another water feature.  I had not been able to find a source for water plants and one of the nurseries I had purchased from had closed up.  I was not able to return to my source of years gone by.  It was good to learn this store gets their supply from a store in Orange, Va. and I do go to Orange from time to time.  I see more water plants and maybe some new fish in my future.