Sunday, June 30, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, June 29, 2013

This week has a busy, interesting week here on the farm.  I had the pleasure of visiting with my cousin, which was a wonderful treat for me.  Years ago, each of us went to find our own future and I am so pleased to learn about the wonderful journey she is making, the real treat is to be able to share her journey for it is so different than the path I took but at the same time we have been down so many of the same roads.  When I was asked what is K-E-F-I before she finished I and Mr. Bootsie were on our band boxes, Mr. Bootise was warning be careful or you will be going home with grains and I jumping for joy that I may be able to share one of my daughters with another of my family.  In the last few weeks I have been sharing kefir grains with family and friends.  We have sent some by mail, some have been picked up and everyone seems pleased.  As I saw my cousin for the last time during this visit, I came  with a jar of milk and large cauliflower looking grain of kefir, and of course, asked her to take care of my daughter.  Others are telling me they are sharing their grains.  I am so pleased I have a mother of kefir and share with so many.  As each of these folks learn and share I, also, learn.  What a wonderful journey this has become for me.


I was able to can 4 quarts of snap beans with potatoes on the pantry shelves,  3 quarts of squash were stored (canned) for use this winter.  We have been enjoying meals made with fresh veggies and wonderful breads.   My favorite welcome to summer meal is snaps, graveled new potatoes seasoned with ham and a big pan of fried squash and onions.  This was on table one night this week along with a bowl of coleslaw made with a kefir milk dressing. and corn sticks  


We have had several rains which came down heavy and rain off the land.  We are watching the roads to be sure they are not being washed.  After the road is worked it needs to be packed, as quickly as the rains are coming in we are not having a chance to pack the roads.  We may drive over it a few times and this is just not enough to stop the washing out.  Goats are starting to clear out between the garden and the pasture.  If they clean this area I will be able to work in the garden and see the goats.  


Aurora who had peeps last year is on the nest, she was set on Friday night at 11:00 p.m., and seems very pleased to be back in the brooder waiting for little peeps.  The chicks hatched this spring are growing, they are coming and going when I am at the coop with them.  We have been able to handle these chicks, I can really see the difference of handling the little peeps.  Aurora would not us get near her peeps last year so I am hoping she will be a kinder, gentler momma hen and share her babies with us.  I do like being able to handle the chicks.


They came in, I always get so excited to see the first snaps, and then I become overwhelmed by the amount I am picking.  I look forward to being able to take more than one basket to the garden and filling them with fresh veggies, this week I was bringing in 2 baskets filled with snaps.  More snaps are coming up.  I purchased seeds for a butter bean and when I open the package of seeds, they were snaps of some sort and not my beloved butter beans.  They were planted and came up quickly, they were planted beside the peas and will climb where the peas were supported.  I have enjoyed a few sungold tomatoes in the garden, raspberries are not making they way into the house for they are being munched in the garden.  Voles or moles are still enjoying my garden, as much as I do.  One storm came through this week and took out all of the corn, we worked until dark doing the same corn first-aid as we did last year and it is standing tall, much taller than I and Mr. Bootsie,  butI see no tassels.  I have started harvesting some of the grains I have planted for the animals, the sunflowers are setting their buds.  


I met a neighbor, who has touched my heart, she is one who is willing to share, help you, and give advice in a kind and gentle way.  She shared eggs from her farm with me and we shall be introducing a new breed of chicks here if Aurora does a good job.  Such a kind lady, the eggs are free, but, but, I know the cost of eggs.  With our excess of green beans, I took a bag of green beans with me.  She shared with us, her goats had lunch in her garden when she was away and ate all of the garden.  I was so pleased I could share some of my bumper crop of green snaps beans.  Now,  this is the way I remember my Momma and Daddy farming.  If we had it and you needed it,  they helped and the same came in return.  I am so thankful another wonderful person has come into my life.  This week has been one of so much happiness, good things happening, I find myself just gritting my teeth and saying the  voles need to eat, maybe the fox will go on down the road and leave us alone, but I will keep a watchful eye.  And those stink bugs, well now, that is  another subject just left alone.