Saturday, June 1, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, June 1, 2013

I like for the animals to mix together.  One evening this week, it happened, the goats were out nibbling and they wanted to go where the chickens were.  I was expecting chickens to go back to the run and having lots of attitude.  But they kept right on scratching and pecking, the ducks were busy doing what they do, and all of them were in the same area, I was so pleased to have all the animals outside of the runs and pastures with no problems.  This was what I consider a major accomplishment.


The crops are starting to come in the door, I always try to use the first of anything.  I remember as a child how wonderful the first berries, new potatoes or string beans were.  I look so forward to the first gathering.  The Swiss Chard was a delight to the kitchen this week.  Spinach pizza made with chard, spaghetti with chard and feta cheese, the stems were saved to make a lo mein but my all time favorite is fresh steamed chard, scrambled eggs with sausage.  I have been waiting for this since last summer, oh I know I could have purchased some chard but this is my chard from my garden.

The chive blossom vinegar was bottled on Sunday and now it is aging in the bottle, of course I am sure it will taste wonderful anytime we decide to open it.  I pickled garlic scapes, they need to mell until July.  At that time I will be making my decision as to what I shall do next year.  I hope they are wonderful and I regret not making more, they are so easy. 


The clean up crew is working and I am surprised how different some of the areas are starting to look.  I have learned goats like variety so they want to do somewhere different just about everyday.  I now have to get them on a program of nibbling where I need them to nibble.

All of the windows have been taken out of the coops and barn.  Rat wire has been put inside all of frames.  The air flow is so much better for the girls and the goats.


The girls seem to be taking an interest in the little chicks.  The little ones are outside in the afternoons, the big girls come over for a visit.  I dread when the time comes to start working on becoming one big happy family.  I do not care to see any of them picked on by other hens.


Picking Swiss Chard, strawberries. zucchini and snow peas.  Most of the garden has been planted.  Mr. Bootsie has repaired 2 raised beds.  I had made them with whatever I could grab 4 years ago and the break down of the wood caught up with us.  Now he has made 2 nice beds, which will last.  They arrived, the squash bugs appeared on Thursday, I am hoping that some of my plants are healthy enough not be damaged by the bugs.  I have sprayer in the garden ready to go, I was told to spray the eggs with dawn dishwashing liquid and water mix.  I do not know if it will work but anything is worth a try.

I pulled a few garlics which had laid down, pretty heads of garlic.  This year I have a drying rack for the garlic and onions.


I finally planted the last tomato in the early planting and I felt like a mountain was lifted off my back.  There will be other things planted but from here on I seem not to be as overwhelmed as the tomatoes make me.  Now the heat has rolled in, I just cannot take the heat anymore.  I have been in the garden at first light a few mornings this week.  Yes, it makes for a long day and I am getting very tired.  Mr. Bootsie was trying to talk with me one day I was nodding, yes, and falling asleep at the same time. Busy days are coming soon, how did I get the balance in my days last summer so I could can, freeze and dehydrate all the goodies from the garden?   I am not sure but I am sure it will happen once again this year.