Saturday, July 20, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, July 20,2013

Hot, Hot, HOT, so hot I think it is affecting the way I am thinking.  I know what needs to be completed but my body is in a NO, NO,  NO mode.  I am grumpy, go outside and you appear to have taken a bath in just a few minutes.  Wipe my brow, my eyes burn from the salt in the sweat, wear a hat to protect yourself, the sweat line appears on the hat in just a few minutes and more sweat heads for your eyes.  Glasses are now smeared because you have wiped eyes and glasses.  What the heck, start watering the garden but water the gardener first to find some relief from the heat, which will only last for a short period of time.


We are picking small amounts of fresh produce.  Made fresh pepper poppers, tried making a salad with the pepperoncini peppers which was quick, simple and delicious.  Sliced up cherry tomatoes, fried pepperoncinis in olive oil for only a couple of minutes, a hunk
Thrusday's Harvest
of feta,  a drizzle of EVOO and sprinkle of oregano.  This is now on our if we have pepperoncinis make this as it is so yummy list.  Made tomato juice from the sun gold cherry tomatoes.  It was not enough to can so it went into the freezer I will can this when I have enough or when canning other goodies with the same processing time.  First batch of pickle is in brine where it will stay for 2 weeks.  We are eating the goodies from our garden,  I am always on the look for recipes for fresh vegetables which are easy but tasty.  I am now using zucchini for pasta, this made a delicious meal, I know because there were no leftovers.


If something is a must do it is being completed but we are choosing our battles very carefully.  The gutters were put on the barn this week but the barn is in the shade.  The goats are doing their cleaning of the undergrowth because it is cool under the trees.  Watching the sun and knowing where the shade is has helped with getting the grass cut.  Keeping fresh water in the waterers is of top importance, the goats are getting a batch of raspberry tea in the afternoons, they are now having the excess green beans and I bring them from the fridge, another cold treat for them.


Friday morning, Aurora had one little peep which she proudly showed to me, by the afternoon there were 2 little peeps. Saturday morning 3 little peeps.  Smokey Lonesome was still on her eggs but she has left the nest some and I really do not know if there will be peeps on not.  Much to my surprise Smokey Lonesome was set on 2 eggs and she has hatched both of them by Saturday evening.    Blanche is in the boxes and out, as I said I really do not want her to have peeps because I am not sure about her.  Mr. Bootsie caught Eva eating an egg on Thursday.  I knew there was someone eating eggs and had no idea it was her.  I will be watching her in the future.


The garden in producing, it makes me very proud, the process has been a long hard road but this year the results are showing.  I don't know if it is the chicken and goat manure we are using or if it is the years of work paying off.  Whatever it is, it brings me happiness.  I like different varieties of veggies, Italian purple podded flat beans (pole), climbing spinach which is a summer until fall frost crop, yard long beans a type of string bean with very little seed  (pole), bull horn paste tomato from South America with very few seeds and a bull horn pepper from South America which produces.  I have spent a lot of time looking the vegetables I plant in the garden.  My choices are plants which produce a lot with not a lot of work from me, have a good taste and long growing season.  This year I tried a Polish cucumber and it is producing a number of pickling cukes.  I am a firm believer of finding what works for me.  Folks stop by and look at my garden, they always find something that is different and why do I grow it.  I grow mini bell peppers because the plants are hanging with peppers now as the full size bells are growing and we will be harvesting them later in the year.  I like to keep things coming in the garden.  The black eyed peas came up this week and they will have the young okra plants to climb on.  This week, July 25th is turnip planting time.


We made it through the heat, I think we have kept everything in the garden alive with watering, pre-mulching for the heat and inserting pipes by the pepper and tomato plants which carries the water directly to the roots.  I put these in when the transplanting the pepper and tomatoes into the garden.  The plus about this is none of the water is wasted.  I do not water everyday.  The raised beds are watered everyday because they dry out quickly and need more water.  Next week as the temperature returns to the 80's even if high 80's it will be a relief for all of us here.  If this should be the only spell of hot weather we have, I would be very pleased but it is summer and I am sure there will be some more coming our way.  I do think we have learned a little more about how to work with the heat and how to protect the flocks.   Isn't this what it is all about?  Gaining a little knowledge to help us in the future.  Have a good week, enjoy the wonderful summer veggies, see you next time!!!