Saturday, July 27, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, July 27, 2013

We are only a few weeks into the summer and the work is just beginning.  Time to start planting the fall garden, wood to be secured for the winter, hay source for the goats and my list just goes on.  I remember the days when all I had to be concerned with was where am I going for dinner tonight.  My life has taken a 180 degree, I am pleased to say the farmer's market is my garden, the grocery store is my pantry and I am hoping with what I learned using the cold tunnel last winter I can continue to say this for the next few months.  While a number of people of getting their last trip to the resorts we are getting the fall greens planted.  We make our own choices and I love the choice I have made.


I finally came to senses and realized there is no way I can put up all that is coming from the garden.  I have not learned how to plant for just the 2 of us.  I need enough to can but I am learning, tomatoes were picked washed an x cut into the bottom and they were placed in the freezer, when there is enough I will can them in some way, tomatoes, salsa, maybe tomato sauce.  There are now 2 batches of pickle working on the counter.  They are both sweet pickles.  We are having late nights and quick meals.


The Wee Folk were here for a few days this week and the goats were wonderful with them.  Not once did they try to butt the Wees, I was so pleased to see them all playing together.  They even had to go and say good-bye to the goats before they left.  When the Wees are here we try to spend all the time we can with them so very little was done, only what had to be done.


The little peeps which were hatched early spring have made the adjustment and they are now big chicks.  We have no idea as to what type of chickens they are or the sex.  I am hoping we have a pair but one must wait.  They are roosting on top of the door at night so Mr. Bootsie was busy adding a roosting pole to the coop.  I am not sure this will take care of the problem but we are trying.  It has been a good week with the new peeps, all five are doing great, eating scrambled eggs for breakfast just like the big girls.  I won the battle with Blanche, she is still making the gentle clucking sound walking around the run but she is off the nest.  This pleased me so much, she would not be a good momma hen.


I knew we would see babies and we have, this week I have spent hours in the garden working the stink bug babies.  Rabbits and squirrels are coming with their picnic basket, having cabbage, tomatoes, butter beans and string beans.  Traps are set but they are walking by the traps laughing as they know where all of the veggies are.  I had one beautiful Chinese cabbage and was looking forward to a big bowl of cole slaw but I missed my chance.  Blackberries are hanging, I have never seen so many blackberries, they are so heavy the plants are breaking.  I dug a few potatoes this past week, picked the first butter beans, harvested and froze the country gentleman shoe peg corn.


I was saving some homemade bread which we had really enjoyed,  I froze several slices, they came out of the freezer this week.  The bread was loaded with mayonnaise, lots of pepper and tomato sliced 1/2 inch thick.   There just cannot be any better sandwich than the first tomato sandwich of the season fresh from the garden.  I have lots of first from the garden, I have not been able to grow and harvest everything I remember as being wonderful but each year we are adding a little more, the ground is getting better and I am able to remove another thing from my bucket list every once in a while.

I wish to Thank You for stopping by for a visit!!!  It pleases me so many of you are stopping in to see what is happening on the farm.  Come Back, real soon!!!