Saturday, April 12, 2014

Colostrum First and then came the Milk!!!

Sunday morning the colostrum was milked, packaged and put in the freezer.  We could have a need for this with some of the additional babies we are expecting.  If we do not have a need for this, someone may.  It will keep in the freezer for 1 year and after that time it should be disposed.  If there is anyone in our area who should happen to need colostrum please get in touch with me, I would love to be of help.

Monday morning, time to milk, oh how I love the sound of these words, music to my ears!!!  Our milk harvest was small, you must remember there are two little ones who get the milk before me.  We are getting to know each other and my Lady is most understanding, she is letting me learn how to do this.  The farmer stops in and checks on my progress which is slow, takes the jar and you see total relief on Lady Gracie's face.   This is the first milking for our use.  I am totally just thrilled to sit and look at this.  Then my mind starts to wonder what should I make with something so wonderful as the first milk from our farm.

Tuesday morning there was a real surprise in the barn.  Lacie decided to have her baby.  We were quite sure she would have only 1 because looking at her you could not see any weigh change.  I have always thought she carried the baby down under herself.  I will not be milking out the colostrum because she has started making a lot of milk.  We shall be leaving all of her milk for the baby. I will not start milking her for a few days, give her a chance to catch up.  This is her first doeling and she did everything.  The barn was clean and just a precious little baby running about, falling down and laying on the hay.  Makes me happy our barn is clean and a safe place for a surprise birthing.

Wednesday, my little guy is going to be disbudded today.  The farmer is bringing over her goat for Mr. Bootsie to milk, much larger goat than any of our girls, he has big hands and this should make learning easier for him.  We did see progress today.  I milked a full cup this morning and Mr. Bootsie milked you could hear it hitting in the container.

Decision was made to enclose the barn with 4 stalls 2 just were not working.  The barn is now fixed and most of this can be easily removed after the babies have left us.  The baby chicks decided there is just too much attention being paid to the goats so this afternoon they showed me they have outgrown their home.  The safest way to handle the chicks is to keep them in the house for another week.  The night time temperatures are too low and they do not have their feathers.  The ducks were moved to the coop on Monday. All of these babies want their share of attention and they do figure out a way to get their share.

We continue to milk Lady Gracie each morning and get about 1 cup.  I am pleased with this because her little ones are growing.  I decided to make ice cream custard with our goats milk, the ice cream will be frozen on Sunday.

Mr. Bootsie has been setting the trap and much to our surprise Saturday morning there was a fox in the trap.  Animal control was called and they said the fox is ours now.  It was caught on our property and there was a decision to be made.  All I can say is there is one less fox in our area now.  I have seen my girls every afternoon go on alert and I have though we may have problem on the land.  The farmers around us have been taking out a few.  There is a huge clearing operation going on very close to us and once again the home the animals have know is no more.  There is less and less woodlands for them to live in.

There was a small amount of work done in the garden, weather is continuing to play games with us.  This has been one of the hardest week I think I have put in on our little farm, my body is tired, I have slacked in the kitchen but we have 3 cute and happy little goats.  All in all, this is what is most important because I will recover.

Lady Gracie's Little ones, 1 week only April 12th
Twins a little girl, in front and baby brother to the rear

Lacie's little girl born on April 8th

As you can see we have had a very productive week on the farm.  If anyone is interested, the babies will be for sale after they are weened.  I am still on baby goat watch as our 2 other ladies have not had their babies as of this evening.  Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!!!