Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lady Gracie

This week a lot of preparing for the birth of our goats was completed.  The birthing area was finished and a few touches were added.  The milking stand was checked off Mr. Bootsie's list as he picked up the hooks from the hardware store.  The outside playroom for the babies which is under cover was organized.  Now the only thing we need to complete this picture is baby goats.  Mr. Bootsie was quite proud of himself as his part of this project was finished a week + a few days before the delivery date.

I have been watching the goats closely, checking the calendar for the full moon which is April 15th and thinking it can happen anytime.  Well, maybe, baby ducks and chicks will encourage one of the ladies to add to the babies on the farm.  And happen it did.

Saturday morning, April 5th, we went down to feed and I heard a bleating I had never heard in the pasture.  As soon as everyone had eaten and been turned out for the day, I went over to check on my girl, I could see how large she was, small contractions, and others signs of baby on the way.  I went on baby watch.  Visiting the barn every hour, petting my girl, letting her know it was all right to stay in the barn, she was enjoying all of the attention.  Our wonderful neighbor, who's goat Lou was going to be the proud dad came by to talk about what to expect in the next week.  Within minutes she started talking about what to expect around 8:00 today.  While she was here she did check all of our ladies and we talked about when they were bred.  I had read instructions, once again early in the day, to refresh  with what should be done.  Thankfully Val went through all of the instructions once again.  As she went to finish her day she said, "Stay in touch, use Facebook."

I decided to check my birthing kit, carry it to the barn and continue with my day.  Of course, I stopped and petted my girl, she was laying in the barn with her firstborn beside her.  They were chatting. So often I find myself wondering what they are saying to each other and then maybe I really do not want to know.  I checked and I could see a little balloon, I headed to the house to facebook, and wouldn't you know,  I could not get any stronger than 3G which means I cannot connect to Facebook.  Heading back to the barn Mr. Bootsie stops me and says he had just seen the balloon and did I have everything at the barn.  We both head to the barn, he had moved Lady Gracie to the birthing stall, I came in with a a paper feed bag. closed the barn to keep the others outside.  Within minutes there is a little goat on its way into the world.  I came back to the house, checked and we have 4G, posted on Facebook, Baby on the way, Right now!!!  Back to the barn!!!  When I got back Mr. Bootsie has the first one born and the second is on its way.  Lady Gracie has gone into momma goat mode and started cleaning the first born.  Second one Born, only to be followed by Val coming to the pasture fence.  She is asking something and I am telling her we have twins.

Mr. Bootsie has been helping to keep the area clean, Lady Gracie has everything under control, babies are getting their sea legs ready to make their first steps and sweet little sounds coming from them.

We made it, the first birthing of goats on Triple Creek Farm.  Our first 2 precious little ones, very healthy.

Many Thanks to Val Trjan and Lou, Val started this journey with us and has lead me all the way.  Mr. Bootsie, I love the barn and all of your hard work shows.


The little ones were born April 5 around 6 p.m. Welcome to our farm, and Lady Gracie is thinking all of this because you wanted to make cheese.