Sunday, February 12, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, February 11, 2012

This post will be a weekly update about what was accomplished and what preparations need to be completed for future projects.


I prepared a new sourdough starter made with an even mix of milk and flour.  I used kefir milk, whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour.  The starter is easy and it only needs to be worked every 7-10 days. The sourdough starter is naturally fermented milk and flour, the smell of the bread is like a bakery in your own  home.  Trust me, when this loaf was baking I cannot explain wonderful it smelled.  If you are interested in the directions let me know.  This one is quite easy to do.  


Mr. Bootsie was clearing for the goat pasture fence row, noticed a leaning tree.  It was decided to take out the tree as it could fall and take down the fence.  The tree was hickory and it was felled on Thursday.  This tree was hollow and a good decision, was made,  to attach a line for pulling it.  Hollow trees can have a mind of their own when being dropped.  Now, it is one the ground and we see how much fire wood we have.  There will be a lot of work cutting to length, moving to the woodyard, splitting and racking the wood.


                Sunday,  February 5th thru Saturday February 11th, the girls laid 42 eggs.

The girls have turned egg gathering into an egg hunt.  It was time to decorate the coop.  The nesting boxes were covered with a curtain.  This must have pleased the girls, after putting in the curtain all the eggs were laid in the boxes.  As we think about spring we will be adding to our flock.  A large run has been added using chain link fence.  The predator protection needs to be put in.  We are seeing quite a number of hawks and one evening this week we thought we saw a falcon.  


The cabbage and broccoli plants had their first true leaves and they were up potted.  Next week, I will be starting peppers and eggplants.  The purchased pre-mixed soil needs to be dampened and 1 lb. food cups filled with the soil.  Labels made for the pots.  I start the seeds on the hearth by the wood stove.  They received plenty of bottom heat and I keep covers on to retain the moisture.  


As I look back this has been a good week.  Daily, sometimes, the accomplishments do not seem like a lot;  however,  a week at a time you see a lot of progress.  Thanks for sharing with me the challenges of opening new land to become productive and rewarding.  I welcome your comments and please share your ideas with me.  I am learning and some days I need all the help I can get.  

We had our second dusting Saturday afternoon, it is always quite pretty and peaceful when the snow falls on Triple Creek.  

                                   Have a good week!  
                                                    Happy Farming!
                                                                      Enjoy your Valentine's day!