Sunday, February 19, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, February 18, 2012

Welcome to our weekly update.


Tuesday, the weather man was calling for, maybe, light snow.  I had some lovely cauliflower, 3 huge heads,  I was planning to pickle.  With hopes of snow,  I thought the day was just right for making some Pickled Cauliflower.  I,  now,  have 7 pints of this year's canning to put on shelf.  We did not have any snow.

Wednesday, was the day to work the sourdough
starter and I decided to make a coffeecake.  The
starter is starting to smell like yeast and you can see the air bubbles in it.  I replenished the starter and let it set on the counter until in bubbled.
Which did not take very long.  The coffeecake
has a wonderful smell of cinnamon, taste of nuts, and little bit tangy.   Mr. Bootsie carried some in his lunch and shared with a co-worker.  Yummy!


This week on the farm has been slow.  We did saw some of the hickory wood and move it to the woodyard.  The only workhorse on the farm is a 1952 Ford 8N and is referred to as  Mrs. Jones.


I thought all the new little girls  were laying but I found an egg on the ground which was not shaped very well.  I do believe we have a new layer.  This week,  February12-18, the girls laid  40 eggs.  One of my older girls went broody and she did not lay any eggs.  I can tell when this one is not laying because she is the only one who lays an egg that color.   With the new little girls the color  and the shape is quite the same so I do not know who is laying the eggs.  I try to catch them in the nesting boxes.  This means several trips to the chicken coop each day.

I would like to introduce you to Feather.  She was named by the two most important little folks in my life.  When they come to Gramma's they are ready to go the the chicken coop, look for eggs and hold Feather.  She willingly lets them hold her and I think she understands just how special the little folk are.  When the  Triple Creek Farm Board of Directors  meet Feather keeps things straight.   This young lady is the Chairman of the Board.  She does take her responsibility serious, if there is anything wrong in the coop she is the first to let me know.


The Blackberries are all pruned and tied to the support wires.  I started eggplant seeds on Monday and they were up Saturday.  They were moved under the grow lights.  I am still up potting seedlings. Peppers were started in the seed cups.   The cabbage and broccoli are coming along nicely.


A big THANK YOU to all of you who have been reading my blog and encouraging others to join us.  It is special to see the followers posting about  Happy Hallow on Face Book and I feel like someone hugged me when I see a posting.

The weather for Sunday, 19th,  may or may not be snow.  But never fear I will make my way to the chicken coop with a bowl of warm oatmeal for the girls.

               Starting seed for vegetables or flowers, now is the time to begin.          
                                   Start looking for crocus and primrose blooms
                                                    Think Spring, I am,  so ready  to play in the soil.