Sunday, February 26, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, February 25, 2012

NEWS FLASH February 19, 2012,  2:13 a.m.

I was awoke to the shaking of our house and the roar of the earth.  This earthquake was a 2.7 magnitude.  I do understand this was a small quake and for that I am very thankful.  The quake was located about midway between Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia.  I do hope and pray,  if there must be future quakes they be small.  So many of the locals are trying to recover from the August 2011 earthquake.

Later in the day we received our first snow fall, about 5 inches.  There was a power failure which lasted about 17 hours.

 Around 6:30 a.m., Friday the 24th another earthquake,  1.7  magnitude.  In the afternoon tornado warnings,  howling winds and beating rain.  This has been a week of if you do not like the weather just wait a little while and it will change.

There was a wonderful accomplishment in our home.  The sunroom has it's own heating system and fans.  I will be able to control the temperature in the sun room and grow plants.  Because of the power fail,  the computer and telephones have been put on the emergency generator.


I am still learning how to work the sourdough.  Shared a cup of starter with Retired Chic.  I hope to get a report from her this week.  When the electrician came, I made sourdough biscuits.  He had several with butter and beet jelly.  The beet jelly was new to him,  Mr. Bootsie came in and informed me these biscuits were the best to date.  I have raspberry vinegar working.  I used some of the frozen raspberries, time to start emptying the freezer.


Wood was cut from the downed tree.  Too wet to take Mrs. Jones in to move wood.  Mr. Bootsie is putting up a shelter for Mrs. Jones, I will no longer have to take tarps off when I use the ole' girl.


The girls are still laying, I am concerned about the earthquakes.  Some of the farms around have not had many eggs, we question if this is because of the earthquakes.  A couple of days this week the girls did not go walking as it was just to wet.  They would not stay in the run on Monday.  I put down straw but they went back into the coop.  I use the 12 inch method and I think I would rather sit in 12 inches of straw than on several inches of straw covering 5 inches of snow.  They are much smarter than people think chickens are.

The egg total for this week February 19 - 25 is 42.   Good job, Girls.


Wet, wet, wet, Friday afternoon the ground was so saturated I was sliding every time I made a step.  The wind  helps to dry the land.  Winds have really been up this Saturday.
My seed order came from R. H. Shumway.  The onions, broccoli and some cabbage plants are in the greenhouse which has no heat, I will be using row covers on cold nights.  Peppers are coming up by the wood stove.  Sugar snap peas have been planted in the garden.    Chickweed everywhere, the girls are loving it.  I take a basket to the run every 2 or 3 days.


This week has been challenging, learning to work with the weather so things will be completed as needed is a learning experience.  One day in snow boots and winter coat.  Several days later,  the high 60's,  a sweat shirt was to warm.  I am glad we had a productive week.

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