Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Duck House

Everything we get means there is work to do.  We had nothing when we moved here.  We worked on opening the woods, cutting the trees into stove wood and moving on to another project.  After a tree fell on a makeshift storage shelter we had to make some changes.  The shelter was taken down and the outside walls were 8 foot chain link fence sections.  Some were damaged beyond repair, we were able to save some.  I want to get ducks so I asked if we could make a duck run with the fencing.  The run was put up before spring and things stopped at that point.

The ducks came and the run was top covered with wire, they were safe.  At night, we moved them to the chicken run because we were sure the chicken run was very safe.  I needed a duck house but they were happy, I have been told ducks rather be outside on the ground but I was not happy.  I would feel better about my flock if they were secure at night.

The duck house was built on a skid with rat wire wrapped around it so nothing could get in from the bottom.  The floor is scraps from a copper roof.  The sides, front and back are all reclaimed wood.  The roof is tin cuts off from the chicken coop roof.  The only new things are the hardware, screws and staples for the rat wire.

It has a vent in the top which can be uncovered in the summer to let in more air.  This is covered with rat wire.  All of the windows will be covered with rat wire.  The door drops down to make a ramp for the ducks to walk up.  This is a very low cost item but it is going to do a great job.

We started out catching the ducks and putting them in their new home each night.  After 2 weeks, much to my surprise, the ducks starting going inside without any help from us.  They go in each night when the chickens go in the coop.  This has worked out much better than I thought it would.

This winter, when the weather is bad I can add straw and know they have a warm place to sleep.  I, also, know they have a safe place to sleep.  The ducks and I, THANK Mr. Bootsie, Great Job!!!

Bottom enclosed with rat wire to prevent snakes entering through the skid.

Ply wood sides and roof will be attached.

This vent will be covered during the winter, during the summer additional air flow.

For winter use.

The back opens for easy cleaning.

Roof is on and the door/ramp is open.

My girl happily going into her new home.

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