Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Old Lady in the Corner

October 31, Halloween, was a Saturday.  There was a party at church.  Daddy was in charge of opening up the educational building for the celebration.  Momma had baked an applesauce cake, which we were taking to share as others would be bringing refreshments, also.  My sister and I had spent most of the day going through the closets looking for something to wear.  We did not purchase costumes, they were homemade.   Daddy loaded everything we were taking in the car and off we went.

When we arrived at the church there was not a car there.  Daddy went and unlocked the building and I was following close behind.  He went back to the car to help Momma and my sister.  I went inside the building and oh, no, I was back outside with Momma and Daddy.  My eyes were like silver dollars and Daddy asked me what was wrong.  There is someone in there.  "Can't be," said Daddy, "I just unlocked the door."  I was not wrong I knew there was someone setting in there.  We all went inside and Daddy walked over to the lady and held out his hand,   How are you?  The old lady made a grunt of a noise like get away.  Momma tried to be nice to her and she made all sorts of sounds.

By now, others were coming in with wonderful desserts and children dressed in costumes.  There were storybook characters, farmers, cowboys, clowns and the old lady in the corner.  We played lots of games and had parades for cakes.  The old lady in the corner never moved.  If you went to close she started making all of those noises.

Refreshment time, by now everyone is asking who this old lady was.  We could account for all the family members that had children there.  Who, Who could she be?  There was always a prize for the best costume and everyone helped to choose who would win.  Before the goodies were served the voting started and of course, the old lady in the corner won.  Everyone wanted to know who she was.

It was time for her to  come and get her prize. Oh,  how difficult it was for her to stand up.  She would not move her right hand or arm, she kept it right at her waist.  Daddy went over to help, she pushed him away and  something is rolling across the floor!  Everyone was jumping out of the way.  Daddy just started laughing and everyone else is following suit.  There were 2 of the biggest rutabagas I had ever seen laying on the floor.  The old lady in the corner had just fallen to pieces!

Everyone was having so much fun trying to guess who she was and now, we all knew she was a he.  We quickly found out this was someone who always had lots of fun playing with the young folk.  His explantation was,  no one would have believed how big his rutabagas were if he told them, so he decided to just show everyone what a good crop he had raised.    

He asked if all of his small friends could have refreshments before the adults because this was a night for the children and Guess! just Guess! who was first in line to choose from all of the wonderful treats on the table!!!!