Saturday, December 15, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, December 15, 2012

Learning, I think there is always something to learn.  The goats arrived a little earlier than I had planned.  I had planned to add goats in our farm next spring (2013) but things changed and the girls are here.  I had not had a chance to do the proper amount of studying to understand how to do things and understand their lifestyle.  I have had enough time on the farm to notice changes in the behavior of an animal even though my parents would not let me see an animal be born and my first experience watching something being born was shared with my daughter when she was young.  I was not going to allow her to be raised believing the baby animals came down from the sky.


I tried a new soup this week.  It was a dried lima bean soup, I will make this soup again but will be making a few changes to the recipe.  I dried apples and pineapple as my supply had all been eaten.  The wee folk were asking for dried apples their last visit.  


Monday, I noticed some changes with Gracie, I was told she was with child, maybe, and I am pretty sure she is.  The billy jumped the fence and you know the rest.  About 3 weeks ago I noticed she had a discharge but really did not pay a lot of attention to it.  I came in, checked my favorite goat site Monday afternoon, decided what I had seen with her tail wagging was flagging and yes, there was another discharge, OH, Happy Days, she is not with child.  I would love to start milking and making cheese but, we need to build a barn type shelter for the goats.  Right now, we are sharing the feed room of the chicken house for the barn.  I need a milking station and things were going to move much to fast.  I am one relieved farmer, I only hope everything is good with the young goat because after reading, I only hope the billy did not get to her.  She is just too young, in my mind, to have a kid,  I was told there was no way she could be expecting.  OH, How I hope he was right.  


After dealing with a broody hen and allowing her to hatch, raising the babies and introducing them to the flock, there came the problem of whose coop is this.  Feather who is far from the largest hen has always been in control.  In the last few weeks I have seen a major change.  It seems one of the babies which was hatched this year is now at the top to the pecking order.  They do not come out in the morning until she comes out, Smiley is the last one to go in at night.  She decided she should roost with the cochins at night time.  There is this large hen on the roosting pole with them and she is pleased.  Momma Aurora is always on this pole and some nights they are side by side.  This is Smiley with a look alike, Evelyn and Mrs. Threadgood.

The duck laid 7 eggs this week.  This gal is good.  I have so much to learn about ducks.  I collected 23 hen eggs this week.  I do know two hens has started laying again.  I look forward to the problem of too many eggs again.


This week I have cabbage, swiss chard and radicchio seeds coming up.  The plants in the cold tunnel were covered when the temperature went down.  I now have added floating row cover to protect the lettuce, kale and spinach plants.  Pulling plenty of chickweed for the chickens and ducks.


Friday, my heart weeps for I am a mother and grandmother.  I weep quite often when things happen to a child for we are all children.  Sometimes, I would like to return to my parents farm find my mother there and feel the love she was able to give us.  She could take away the hurt.  I would like to be able to take away the hurt of so many, families, friends, people who relate, this had touched a vast number and will continue to touch many.  This journey for these families began Friday and will follow them all the days of their lives.  May the God who gave us so much be with them each step of the way.