Saturday, December 22, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, December 22,2012

Amazing things happen every week here on our little farm, some I share and some are held close to my heart.  Wednesday morning, I put the goats on the tether line and went about my business of feeding and watering everyone.  I hard a loud noise and thought something had happened on the interstate highway.  A few minutes later there was a cute little goat right beside me.  I looked down and there was no tether line on her.  What had happened?  Where is Gracie?  I walked out front and there is Gracie in the woods eating twigs and content as she can be.  Went to the tether line and it looked alright, checked Hershey's collar and there was a problem, the D ring was missing.  I looked around and several of the feed bins were on their sides, I certainly was glad I always close the bins.  I do not know if the noise scared them but I was so pleased when Hershey came to me for help.  Confidence and trust is the one thing I want our animals to have in me.

The goats were afraid when they came here, I noticed if I picked up a stick in the woods they watched me very closely to see what I was going to do with it.  They soon learned the twigs were put in a bucket and taken away from their pasture, as we use them for fire starter, they did not need to be afraid of being hit with a stick.  Were they hit?  I have no idea, I do know they have never been hit here on our farm.  When I start gathering sticks now I find someone in the bucket chewing on the ends as if to say are these for me?  What ever you do in their lot there is more help than is necessary.  It just pleases me so much for the girls to stay close and be in the way when we are doing things.


I made an asparagus and brie soup, this is one of the most interesting soups ever,  There is wine, heavy cream and chicken stock oh, yes, asparagus and brie cheese.  This was a delightful cream soup, the two of us ate every drop of it.  Next time we would like grilled French bread to dip into the soup.  If you are interested I will post the recipe.  It is super easy.


Worked on clearing some trees from the pasture.  Because of the drop in the temperature at night extra bedding was added everywhere.


We are always cleaning the coop and duck house.  Raking the runs.  I collected 7 duck eggs and 21 hen eggs.  I did spend quite a bit of time studying about duck eggs and just how they are and are not good for you.  In our house I have decided they are good for us.  I have been using them in our mix of eggs since we started gathering them.    I really do like to cook with the duck eggs.


Bad winds were hard on the cold tunnel this week.  I went out and adjusted things, we came through with no major problem.  I am just feeding and watering the plants because nothing appears to be growing.


I know a number of you think I have been a little lazy this week and I will agree with you.  By the next time you will see a week in review things will have changed here on our little farm.  I am going to have a helper.  I have been taking sometime for myself and wondering what changes will be made in the future.  After working all of his life, MR. BOOTSIE is retiring from his job December 28th to start a new life as a Farmer's Husband.  I am excited as he will be able to share so many of my adventures and I am a little sad about sharing my space.  But it is going to be nice to have someone who knows how to open up in the morning and start the day with our animals.  He has been able to put everyone up at night as he is here in the evenings.  I may find it might be a little easier for me to slip away for lunch with the girls!!!

           I was raised in a Christian home with parents of faith.  I was always taught to say:

                       I Wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very Happy New Year.