Saturday, December 29, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, December 29, 2012

This had been a different kind of week here on the farm, I decided to get under the weather,  an expression used by parents when one was not feeling well.  Mr. Bootsie learned he could take care of our animals and I discovered if I did not see them for 24 hours I would still be welcomed in the coops and barn.  Mr. Bootsie even went to the feed store and picked up feed because he thought there may not be enough to make it through the week with what we had on hand.


Sunday afternoon, I made crepes.  I have been reading instructions about pouring a 1/4 cup of batter into the pan and returning the excess to the bowl of batter.  I had to give this a try and it works.  The crepes are even and cook quickly.  I filled them with ham and asparagus, rolled them up,  placed in a baking dish and covered with a sour cream cheese sauce made with swiss cheese.  This was a very easy and delicious meal.  I did find Mr. Bootsie in the kitchen slicing ham and making his own supper one night, as I wanted nothing to eat but ice cream.


Things have just been moving along, waiting for good days when a little mulch can be moved or the onions can be weeded.  Remember to pick up a high nitrogen plant feed for the garlic and onions.  They need to be fed in January and March.


I have gone back and checked my records from last year, we are starting to get a few eggs earlier than we did last year.  Things are far from normal but we are gathering eggs and I was able to gift 3 dozen at Christmastime.  This week we continued to collect a duck egg everyday,  the girls laid  27 eggs.  I am starting to think about spring chickens.   What are we going to have this year?  Are we going to add anything new?  So many choices and so many decisions.


The counter is covered with seed guides,  I think they should be called seed confusion.  I want to get my order completed.  We go over to Orange, Va. buy our onion and potato sets from a wonderful store. They also sell seeds from the ball jars.  I am really thinking about the staples coming from them this year.  There is just something wonderful about going in the store and looking at the jars and making your selections.  Do not fear, I will be ordering some from the seed guides.  My daughter has a micro garden and I need mini plants for her.  There is always something I cannot live without.

This week the garden in the cold tunnel has pretty much taken care of itself.  I have some lettuces under row covers and they are looking real good.  If I could sell it, the chickweed would be a money crop.  I just have not started using in for us, I do feed a lot to the chicks and ducks.  Do any of you eat chickweed in your salads or on sandwiches?


I have never had anyone here with me all day except on weekends.  I have said it before and I am saying it again, I will not make 3 squares a day.  I do not think anyone needs that much food.  I have seen my momma stand in the kitchen all day cooking 3 squares to keep daddy happy.  Too many dishes to wash, too much food to prep and there are more important things to do.  I do my meals in the garden during the summer!  A handful of berries,  fresh lettuce leaves, spring onions, a half cleaned radish or turnip any of these will put a smile on my face.  But the day you find the snow peas is one of the happiest days of garden grazing for me.