Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planting Stick

A walk in the woods with daddy was more than just looking for lady slippers blooming or holly trees with berries.  He was looking for just the right stick, out came the pocket knife and  he would cut the limb.  He would walk and whittle.  When as a child, I could not see why he kept fooling with the stick, suddenly he would put it in his mouth and blow through the wood.  What a sound it made.  "Daddy, let me try it."  Oh,  it was  the finest whistle you could find anywhere.  The sad thing was when the wood dried out they split and did not whistle anymore.  Now,  the sling shots he made on our walks were great.  They would last for a while.

Today, when we talk of repurposing I think of Daddy and how he would have enjoyed doing some of the projects.  Just this week I asked Mr. Bootsie to repurpose something for me.  We have some broken tool handles which we use for walking sticks in the winter when we have bad weather.  I was using one this week and thought about something on my bucket list.

I have always wanted a maker about 4 feet long with every 4 and 6 inches marked.  I could lay it on the ground by my row and if the seed are spaced 4 inches apart plant one at every mark.  If one would be good,  two would be better.  I now have 2 rake handles one marked every 4 inches and another every 6 inches.  The best part about this is, I still have my walking sticks in bad weather.

I have realized this can easily be done with a hoe or rake that is your trusty friend and stays in the garden with you.  The only supplies used were a ruler and a paint maker.  If you have only one handle I would suggest 2 different color paint markers.  Use 1 color for 4 inches and another for 6 inches.   And by the way the rake handles came out of someone else's trash.

                         Did I do good?
                                         This is a great tool.
                                                                   I am enjoying my planting stick!

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