Sunday, March 18, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, March 17, 2012

Spring Fever, yes, I have spring fever.  There is so much which needs to be done and I am floating around from task to task.  Hung clothes on the line this week.  They smell so good.  The buds are swelling on the redbud tree and I know it will be in bloom soon.  The summer magnolia is blooming,  this plant has a history of being in full bloom and we have a killing frost  which burns the blooms.  I spent more time just walking and looking, I should be working.  But it is Springtime in Virginia.


With DST starting this past Sunday, I am trying to adjust to a new schedule.  Prepare dinner, put the girls to bed and come in to eat our evening meal.  Work in the garden and help Mr. Bootsie if he needs a second set of hands.  Needless to say I have just been putting something on the table.

I found the most wonderful recipe on a blog.  I was looking for something different to do with the sourdough starter.  I found a recipe which called for sourdough starter and kefir milk.  The first time ever I had a recipe suggest to use kefir milk.  I was so excited.  Two of my passions in one dish.  These English muffins are wonderful,  I am so glad I took the time to make them.  


Work continues on clearing the way for the fence.  More trees to be felled and cut into fire wood.  Tractor shed has its sides on now.  This will work until we have a building.


Cutting the girls back on the scratch for the warm weather.  They do not need the corn to produce heat during the summer.  I started them on sunflower seeds for the evening treat.  They could not be more pleased.  They enjoyed a big bowl of popcorn and munching on chickweed plants as I pull them from the garden.

Egg count this week was an amazing 48 eggs.  WOW, 4 dozen eggs from 10 little girls.

Idgie  is another of the "Fried Green Tomatoes" girls.  I find it very interesting how the girls can be like their namesake.  This little girl can get something going on and have everyone running around and clucking at nothing.  I do not see how she can cause so much trouble.  Idgie had her own way of keeping things interesting.  We have 3 gray cochins and Idgie is the lightest gray with a pea comb.  I am not sure she will be on the board because she is just a busy body.


I planted seeds, onion sets, transplanted broccoli and cabbage plants.  Comfrey plants arrived and they were planted close to the coop and run.  Comfrey is liked by the girls and a wonderful addition to the compost pile.  It grows at a good pace and needs to be cut.  It will break down quickly in the compost pile.  Things are starting to come up.  If you are interested in the garden, a daily account is posted on the Face Book page Happy Hallow.


This has been a busy week even with my having Spring Fever.  I did not plant my potatoes on the 17th because I was spending most of the day with my little folk.  We went into Charlottesville to see the "Wizard of OZ" at the "Play On Theatre".  Lunch and pictures with the cast.  They had a raffle and I could not believe Mr. Bootsie won the Emerald City.  The little folk would have been a lot more excited if he had won the ruby red shoes.  I can plant potatoes another day.  We made memories, what a special day.

                        Thank you for allowing me to be Gramma!!

                                               We all have to brag about the little folk!!

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