Sunday, March 25, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, March 24, 2012

This week has been warmer than normal.  I am not getting the amount of work completed I need to because I get so warm.  Being a lazy gardener I come into the house where it is cooler.  Return to finish chores later in the afternoon.

The problem with the early heat; there is no shade as the leaves have not come out on our trees.  There is no escape from the heat.  In the summer my garden gets the morning shade and I can work in the garden until about 1:00 in the afternoon.  I am waiting for the leaves.


I worked with the sourdough bread again this week and I am so pleased.  I have always wanted to make sub rolls and burger buns.  These are nice and soft.  I do hope they taste as good as they look.

The meal of the day during the summer is salads.  Veggies from the garden, fresh eggs,  and homemade dressings.  I just finished making raspberry vinegar.  My oil and vinegar dressing this week was the oil from marinaded artichokes and raspberry vinegar.


Trees are coming down.  Four were felled this week.  One is ready to be split and made into fire wood.  Two will be used for the borders on my raised beds.


The girls are feeling the heat.  They are holding up the wings and panting.  I will be giving them more water with ice, treats from the fridge and putting water in plant saucers on the ground so they can keep cool.  One night when I was putting them to bed, they were panting just like a puppy dog.  You feel so sorry for them.  I had better watch Mr. Bootsie as he will bring them into out house to keep them cool.  We are lucky, the chicken coop is up off the ground and they stay under there during the day.  The temperature is much cooler under the coop.  They are waiting for the leaves on the trees, also.  There will be shade for them and it will make such a difference.

The girls provided us with 47 eggs this week.  They are holding their own, the average is better then 6 eggs a day.


I have stolen Mr. Bootsie and  he has been tilling for me in the afternoons when he comes in from his day job.  Things are starting to come up in the garden.  Potatoes were planted this week.

The raspberries and blackberries are putting out leaves.  Remember, blackberry winter comes in May.  That is when the blackberry buds and the temperature goes down for the blooms to set.

The fall planted kale and lettuces are blotting.  I see the bloom heads forming.  A mole decided the fall planted spinach was theirs, those little demons were pulling the whole plant into the ground.  When I realized I had a problem, I planted garlic around the few I have left.  I will be harvesting enough for a few salads.

The bedding plants are doing good.  I am thinking I will be moving some tomatoes and peppers into the greenhouse next week.  The heat burned some of the leaves on the cabbage and broccoli plants with floating row covers over them.


Another good week,  Retired Chick came to the country for a day of refreshing country air.   Her trunk full of plants.  Somethings I needed for runoff control and they are in the ground.  She left with a few plants I needed a home for.  It is always so much fun sharing plants.

Maybe this year I will learn to pace myself and use my time more productively.  I am enjoying the time I spend with you.  Time for me to sweep the front porch and dust the rocking chairs.  There is a pot of tea steeping.   Yes, I will sit for a spell and have a sip of tea with you.  Come again real soon.

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