Friday, March 30, 2012

Life on Triple Creek Farm, The Sweet Potato

I awoke this morning and I knew today was the day for the sweet potatoes to be planted.  The sets were in a bucket waiting for me and the pot was ready.  I took my bucket and went to the creek to get the sand.  If you do not have a creek you may purchase builder's or sharp sand.

March 28, 2012

The first thing I need to do is cut the long shoots off the sweet potatoes.  The potatoes are 2 years old,  they were my crop from 2010.  Using a standard nursery pot I filled it about half full with sand.  I then placed the potatoes in the pot.  Covered them with sand.  The pot was placed in the cold frame.  If we have a cold night, I can close the cold frame and they will be protected from freezing.  The pot needs to be kept moist.  Do not let it dry out.

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Keep the pot moist.

Protect from frost and freezing.

I check my pot everyday to see if a plant is showing thru the sand.

Patience, they will come.

April 19, 2012    I see signs of growth.

May 4, 2012   I will start slipping next week.  I will only plant one bed of sweet potatoes so I will only need about 12 plants.  Last year we had a serious mole problem, I will pot a few extra for the moles.

May 10, 2012  The plants have grown large enough to slip. The slips were pulled from the sweet potato, if you need more slips just replant the potato and more will grow.  I will plant in pots so the slips  can establish roots.  This is not necessary,  I just prefer to do this.  You can plant directly in the garden and keep them watered until they start growing.  I have a problem with moles or voles eating my plants.  They will pull the whole plant underground and it is gone.  I have tried planting garlic with things they enjoy eating and it is helping some.  I will intermix some garlic with my sweet potato sets.

May, 24, 2012 There are good roots on the plants I potted and I am going to plant them in the garden.

I will be putting in all of my plants today and tomorrow.  The mother plant is busy making little ones and I will take the mother out of the soil.  Weeding and feeding the plant is what I will be doing now until fall when it is time to dig the sweet potatoes.  You do need to dig before the frost.  Allow them to lay on the ground to cure.  I will post in the fall so you can see if this was a good year or I need to do something different.

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