Saturday, January 5, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, January 5, 2013

New Year's Day is over and  this farmer can only think of garden.  Seed guides piled on the counter with page corners turned just like Momma and Daddy would do and selections being thought about.  Spring must be just around the corner, a few seeds came up and have been up potted.  More seeds are in the soil and being checked daily.  Shelled all of the black-eyed peas for seed and they have been stored for planting in the spring.


Made a pot of potato soup, Mr. Bootsie says it is in the top 10 change that to 3 soups I have made.  I placed 2 slices of cheese in the bottom of the bowl before pouring in the soup and dropped a circle of kefir milk drops on top.  He made himself a second bowl and was quietly saying something like, "I keep telling her I am not doing kefir not cooked."  Oh, yes, he is, I use kefir in salad dressings and he loves them.  I made a batch of sweet roll dough, I will be baking a pan of rolls for Saturday night's supper.


The goats stay out of the barn all day, there are run-ins but they do not seem to really care for the run-ins.  We had fenced one part of the pole barn for them and enclosed the fenced in area with a tarp on the north side.  It has really made a difference in the temperature under the pole barn for them.

The wire ties work real well for holding the tarp in place, Gracie decided she did not like the tags hanging on them and started trimming them before we could get there with the wire cutters to trim the ends off.  Can't have my girl eating plastic so I cut the ends off.  

Saturday, Mr. Bootsie went to see a local who has a sawmill.  He came home with lumber to start putting the framing on the pole barn,  Soon he will be working on enclosing the pole barn.  It will be good to get something started, as I look forward to having the barn enclosed.   The lumber was off loaded by the goat pasture and when I let them out for the afternoon walk they went right to the lumber and started playing on it.  They saw me coming from the pasture with their food bowl, came to the gate and waited for me.  One on each side of me we walked to the pile of lumber and they showed me how they were playing on it.  They were running, jumping, going around in circles and I was pleased to see my girls so happy.  


Frozen water in the ponds, I place the heel of my boot on the ice and push.  All my girl needs to see is moving water and she is in.  She will do a good job of breaking the remaining ice.  There were 7 duck eggs again this week.

Goats spend time visiting everyone in the afternoons during our afternoon walk.  They have learned about the ramp into the coop and now I am chasing goats out of the coop.  They have learned how to steal the pellets in the chicken feeders.  Egg count is improving each week.  I collected 30 eggs from the girls this week.

Month of December 93 hen eggs were collected and 31 duck eggs.


March seems like a longtime away right now. How quickly it will come.  I work my garden with the shovel and a push plow,  I have started turning the earth with the shovel, adding in the manure and compost,  as every day will not be a good day to work outside I have to grab the ones when the ground is not frozen.  I am pulling out a number of rocks, I know this may never stop but it is getting easier each year.


Food from the pantry and freezer is being prepared and eaten.  I am finding new ways to make good meals.  I will be making a pot of soup each and every week for a while.  I do enjoy a good pot of soup and soup is an easy meal when we are busy outside doing work.

We did set down and have a talk about how to move forward because this is a big change for Mr. Bootsie to be home on the farm daily.  He made it from New Year's Day until Saturday morning without leaving.  That was real good from someone who has never been here except for weekends.  I am happy to have a little quiet time so I stayed behind on our little farm.