Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making Sandbags

Each fall when we start covering the garden with row covers and plastic, I realize I need sandbags.  This year I took action and started making some. They are quite easy and, of course, I used something I was going to dispose of.

Blue jeans around here seem to get torn or worn out in the knees.  I cut off a pair of blue jeans below the damage.

I made 2 seams on the end of the leg which was hemmed.  I put a tie about 4 inches from the top and attached it to the seam.

The bags were filled with sand and tied shut.  We have creeks with sand bottoms running through out the property.  I just collect a bucket of sand and let it dry before filling the bags.  

Here is the finished sand bag holding down the plastic on the cold tunnel.

Another project completed which will be very helpful on our little farm.