Friday, January 11, 2013


When saplings were being cleared to run the pasture fence everything came to a stop for a few days turned into weeks because of a large hickory tree which needed to be felled and cleaned up.  Mr. Bootsie found a need for the stump in the pasture.  He has built the girls a goat walk.  They are now playing Queen on the Mountain and enjoying him taking the time to make something for them.

This tree had to be taken out for fear of it falling on the fence.  It was discovered when cutting that it was hallow.  Mr. Bootsie cut steps on the tree,  it gave him a place to connect the boards for the goat walk.

A board was put over the hole in the stump to protect little feet.

Pieces of lumber were connected to the tree from two directions.

Cross pieces were attached to the board to prevent sliding.  These may not be needed but we felt it may prevent a fall.  If the chickens come into the pasture I know they will appreciated the cross pieces.

The girls playing Queen on the Mountain.  The brown one is Hershey.  She is the daughter of Gracie, who is black and almost 2 years old.  I think the girls are enjoying their goat walk.