Sunday, January 27, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, January 27, 2013

Arctic blast is heading our way this week and by the time you are reading this, it will be over.  We will be bringing in extra wood and reducing the temperature inside the house.  We set the thermostat  on 67 but when the chills come in we reduce to 65.  When the fire in the wood stove is worked and maintained I can bring the inside temperature up to 68 degrees.  I like to sleep in a cool bedroom so this works well for me.


Soup of the week, sausage and great northern bean with dried tomatoes and spinach.  This was a very filling and tasty pot of soup.  I made a sausage pot pie, which is one of Momma's dishes everyone came home to enjoy whenever she cooked this pie.  I am working on the recipe so I can post it for all of you. Tried a new muffin, broccoli and cheese, I did not have a good opinion of this warm but after it cooled and the next day they were delicious.  I will make more of these but they will wait for us to eat them.


Biggest job on the farm most of this week has been keeping the wood stove on the floor.  Yes, Mr. Bootsie has been sitting in front of the wood stove resting his feet on the base and let me tell you that stove is in the same place it was last week.  Good JOB...

The goats were given warm water 3 times a day and, also, raspberry tea.  Everyone had more straw put in their barns and coops as needed.  Mr. Bootsie did come out and help with all of the feedings and watering,


The girls have been in the coop most of this week.  It is cute to walk in and see them with their nest made in the straw we have in the bottom of the coop.  We have been bringing them warm water 3 times a day as some days we have not been above freezing.  The girls seem to be understanding we are doing this to try and keep them safe.  I have not had one of them try to get past me and have to chase it down. They are getting a few special treats and they are delivering the goods.  We collected 29 eggs again this week.

Collected these eggs on Friday
The ducks have stayed outside during the day.  They are not happy their ponds are frozen.  We have learned this week when they get cold they sit on the ground.  The cold doesn't seem to affect them and the eggs keep coming, 7 more this week.


Finished the raspberries,  all have been thinned down to 2 or 3 strong shoots, tied and pruned to the top wire.  They do not look real pretty at this time but when the growing season starts, I am going to be so glad this was completed.  Last year something happened and I ran out of time, I paid for that during the season because there were vines everywhere.  Part of the garden was a raspberry jungle.  I think we should have good crop of berries this year.  Mr. Bootsie is in favor of adding in a few more vines.  I have a yellow raspberry plant which was given to me.  I will be adding this with my red.  We will be able to double the number of plants we have.

Blackberries have all been pruned and tied for this summer, there are a few new plants I put in last summer.  We do have the thornless blackberries and I am so thankful after 2 days in the vines.  We would have been torn to pieces had they not been thornless.  I will be putting in a few more blackberry plants.

The day of the lowest morning temperature, the cold tunnel was holding, I covered with sheets and floating row covers and was surprised to see everything was doing good.  I checked the cold tunnel Saturday afternoon and everything seems to be in good condition.


Saturday afternoon the temperature came above the freezing mark.  By the middle of next week we will have warm temperatures again.  The arctic blasts do make us appreciate the good weather we have most of the winter.  I learn a little about how others have to do so much preparing for the winter after a little wake up call like this.  I am thinking seeds, bedding plants and getting more things growing in the cold tunnel.  We could have another blast around Valentine's day but shortly after that late winter begins.  February is the time to get the bedding plants started if you are going to be planting them in April.

I have been sharing with you for a year now.  The first post of this blog was January 23, 2012, I have enjoyed learning how to do this and I have encouraged others to start their blogs.  Many thanks for all of you who have shared some of my memories this year.  I do hope as we continue here, on the farm,  I will be able to share more of our accomplishments and struggles.  Have a wonderful week!!!