Sunday, December 1, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, November 30, 2013

I shared with you last week the wine had been bottled, the story continues.  I awoke Sunday morning and started getting ready for my day, I walked by the laundry and I could smell wine.  Looked inside and there it was, a cork blown and wine all over the floor.  Must have been a gallon in the bottle because it was everywhere.  On the walls, baseboard, floor, counter, dripping down the wine rack and sprayed all over the cabinet in front.  I scrubbed the floor 4 times to finally remove all of the purple sticky goo from the floor.  Checking the bottle there was less than one half of a regular wine bottle loss.  What a mess it made.   Lesson learned...never, I mean never allow Mr. Bootsie to put away the new wine before it has finished working and aging.


There were no new adventures in the kitchen this week.  A lot of prep for our Harvest Meal and day of Thanksgiving, our menu has been about the same for a number of years, just a little less each year.  We did open the cowboy candy which was made during the summer.  We were told if you let it age it will be much better, I am pleased we waited for a few months because this was delicious.  This is going to be a staple in our pantry, I found Mr. Bootsie eating potato cakes with cowboy candy on them.  Grinning he said, "You can eat this stuff with anything."  For me this is what Thanksgiving is all about.  Opening the new treasures in the canning pantry.  The cowboy candy filled the bill at our celebration this year.


I do look forward to the slowing down and this seems to happen around Thanksgiving.  I have been able to spend time in the goat pasture, it is very important to work with our animals.  All of our 4 girls came here from living on other farms for at least the first 6 months of their lives.  They have adjusted to us well, but now they must learn to trust us, I want to milk so I am working on the underside of their bodies rubbing them, they need to learn my touch because this is going to be new for all of us.  We still have our 2 barn guests.  I am really enjoying these guys.  The little one, Clue, sees me coming at night time and he heads for the barn, knowing I am going to have a treat for him and him alone.  Seeing how he has learned my way of doing things makes me so excited about having little ones to raise.  Lou, knows the girls all go into the barn before him and he waits each night until the door is opened for him to come in.  Happy to be with his girls inside the barn, he quickly settles down on the floor, ready to go to sleep.


The coop is turning into a merry-go-round.  This week Little Grey is molting, such a sad looking girl.  Mr. Roo has found his voice and he is using it.  He now sounds very accomplished. Egg production is dropping in the coop.  The ones laying eggs are continuing to find places other than the nesting boxes to lay their eggs.  Mr. Bootsie has about 5 places he checks daily for eggs.  Aurora is starting to move her place to lay on a daily basis. The ducks seem to be very happy as long as we break the ice so they can take a morning swim.  Momma duck is laying her 1 egg each day.


Garden has been cold this week, I really did not get out there to do any cleaning.  The few plants I have in the tunnel are covered with floating row cover.  There was a good rain during the week which helps with the watering.  I started seeds for the tunnel but I just got busy and the seeds know...I will be starting more.  I am getting things organized to order my seeds for next year's garden.  I am looking for more interesting plants,  I think I may have found another squash to try.  If you have any suggestions please let me know on the Facebook page.  The link is on the upper right hand side, just click and you are there.  I would appreciated your suggestions as I do enjoy growing new and interesting vegetables.


I am settling down for the cold season.  This is when I start my seeds and my gardening comes inside. A lot of my work will be done this winter with my feet in front of the wood stove, I will be learning about birthing and raising goats.  This is a must do for I must be prepared for our new adventure.  I know one of my farm friends is going to start having babies in a couple of weeks.  I hope to be able to enjoy the birthing on her farm so I can get some first hand knowledge.

We had a wonderful harvest celebration and Thanksgiving on the farm.  We are thankful for the productive year, the lessons we learned and hope for the future.  As I put this week to bed, I am already thinking about a new soup using the turkey from our harvest dinner.   I welcome you to stop by any time for I just love our time together.