Sunday, December 15, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, December 14, 2013

Following the rules we learned long ago, if you prepare you will be alright, and once again it worked.  We did not have much of a storm. This was good because Mr. Bootsie had not been home when it was time to prepare and this was his first experience learning what I do when bad weather is expected.  The second one which came during the week was not much of storm.  Saturday morning when we were feeding, the necessary precautions were made without thinking  because we may have another storm.  Around 12:30 Saturday afternoon in came the rain with the ice pellets but it quickly turned just to rain.


I am always afraid I am going to forget to work the sourdough starter.  I let my starter die last year during the holidays and this starter is very tasty, I would really regret loosing this one.  I decided to whip up a coffee cake one evening while I was making cornbread for supper.  As I was about to remove the coffee cake from the oven, I looked over and there set the oil I should have put in the coffee cake waiting.  There were 5 minutes left in the cooking time, so needless to say, there was nothing I could do to correct the mistake.  My first thoughts were I have chicken feed.  Well,  as luck would have it, this is the best coffee cake I have ever made.  The problem  or challenge now is working with the recipe to get the ingredients correct, at which time, I will share the recipe with you.  Soup of the week was chili.


We did not loose any trees with the weather; however, Mr. Bootsie took down several which were bent and hung in other trees.  The goats enjoyed the pine and there is firewood for us.  Drainage ditches were checked and some were worked so they would continue to drain.  There are several projects on the drawing board, all involving the goat pasture and barns, this will be our first birthing and we really are not prepared.  There is time but this must be addressed.


Things have been about the same in the coop.  Mr. Roo has come into his own and I am hoping I will have eggs from my girls to set this spring.  I went back and checked my records on Momma Duck and she started laying September 2, 2012, she has skipped a few days but for the most part she has been one egg producing machine.  The girls are packing in on the roosting poles at nighttime and seem to be staying very warm.  I am watching the temperature because if is should really drop Mr. Roo will have his comb coated with jelly.  He has a beautiful comb and I would hate to loose some of it to frostbite.


Checking on the tunnel and keeping it watered.  In a few weeks everything will start to grow.  It looks as if everything is setting and waiting at this time.  Most of my gardening was done by the kitchen table this week.  My seed box is cleaned and organized.  I know the seeds which need to be replaced, I found some old friends I thought I would have to order by they were in the wrong places.  I am waiting for the land to dry some so I can start on my winter projects.  We have been cleaning out the coop and barn adding the wonderful manure to the garden.


While I was writing the blog, Mr. Bootsie bought me come hot tea and warmed coffee cake, needless to say it was the end of our coffee cake.  Now I need to find something wonderful to share with you for I hope you will be stopping by for another visit.  As all of you are getting busy for your celebration I wish you the best of the season.  Here on the farm because I was raised in a Christmas home and I love the season, we wish all of you A Happy,Joyous, Merry Christmas!!!