Sunday, April 1, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, March 31,2012

We do not go to bed with the chickens but everyone was sound asleep at 11:21p.m. Sunday the 25th.  I awoke to the shaking and the rumble of yet another aftershock (?), earthquake (?).  When the morning news comes on the media calls it one thing and then another.  This one was 3.1 Magnitude, and was located 8 miles from both Louisa and Mineral, Virginia.   Mr. Bootsie had some words of wisdom, he was told as long as the magnitude is less than the original earthquake, they are aftershocks.


This week,  I made the Sourdough English Muffins, they are cooked on top of the stove on a griddle.  I also made the sourdough rolls.  The taste was the same in the second batches.  The house smells so good when you bake sourdough bread.  I made a pot of great northern bean soup added some of my dried tomatoes and spinach.  I am trying things so I know how much to store for next winter.  The dried tomatoes after I dry them are oven canned so they will keep over the winter.


Mr. Bootsie has a day job and his time is limited as to what he can do.  More trees were felled in the pasture row.  This week 5 trees are down.  He is getting there.  This has been more of a project than anyone thought it would be.


The little girls never let me down.  I have wanted for all of them to lay on the same day.  Monday after  being broody Blanche laid a egg and by lunch time I had collected 8 eggs.   I was thinking what a good day.  At least all 10 will be laying for a few days.  Returned to the coop about 4 in the afternoon and found 2 more eggs.  I am so pleased with my girls.  They never stop rewarding me for the things I do for them.  Friday, it happened again 10 eggs.  I am a proud momma!

The girls laid 53 eggs this week and for the month of March 207 eggs.

Ornery is one of the oldest girls we have.  She loves treats and looks out for herself.  When the treats are placed in the run she goes in beak, body and feet.  It is as if she is checking things out for the others and when she backs up they all dive in.  Maybe she is the official taster.


The beets are up, radishes, miniature swiss chard,  pac chio,  chinese cabbage, onions and garlic are looking great.  I have started pulling the garlic for green garlic.  It is wonderful roasted.  Most of the beds have been worked.   I am getting the containers ready for the container gardening.   I can move the containers to protect them from the heat.

The pallet is being planted.  I am using the compost which I put in the chicken run and the girls work it.   My pallet is under a tree.  I will be planting lettuces in it and they do much better if out of the heat.


There is a lot going on here.  One of my daughter's friends came out to meet the girls this week.  She had questions about kefir and other things from our blog.  It is a joy to have the younger people interested in what we are trying to accomplish.  A few weeks ago Mr. Bootsie won the prop from the
" Wizard of Oz" and now it is here with us.

The Emerald City, I know this will be enjoyed by all who see it.  Mr. Bootsie is so proud.  We have a collection of things you do not see everyday and this is a wonderful addition.  Congrats, Mr. Bootsie.

This month we have lived at Triple Creek Farm for six years.   I am pleased to have found this wonderful way to share our small farm with so many.  As always, I, Thank You for stopping by.

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