Sunday, April 8, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, April 7, 2012

This has been one of the most interesting weeks.  I have been super busy and do not know where the week went.  The temperature has been doing that Virginia thing.  Warm and then cold.  I am taking plants out and bringing  them in.


I baked 2 loaves of bread this week and we have had sandwiches.  We had some fresh veggies from the garden.  Saturday I made biscuits with creamed chipped beef for breakfast and sourdough rolls for evening meal.  We have not had store brought bread in a long time.  It was my decision to make our bread and I must say we do enjoy the homemade bread.


Finally, all of the hickory tree has been repurposed.  It is now fire wood.  Many a night we will sit in front of the fire and enjoy all the work we did.  With warm evenings this week we had several fires in our outside fireplace.   One night we fixed a pot of white beans and pork barbeque sandwiches in the fireplace.  It is so comforting after a busy day to kick back and relax.

Mr. Bootsie is putting the safety wire around the bottom of the new duck run.  We do this to deter animals from digging under the fence and coming inside.  The wire lays on the ground about 2 feet from the fence and goes up the fence.  He used lumber to secure the bottom keeping animals from getting under the fence.


This has been a place of action.  I have been spending time with the girls.  Several were not happy with our broody Aurora and did the chicken thing when they saw her.  I was trying to keep peace in the coop but was not doing a good job.  Had a wonderful visit at Eden Farm in Gum Spring, Virginia.  I purchased the fertile eggs there.  They have so much knowledge and it is always a pleasure going there.

Our egg count this week is  51.  Aurora is not laying and this will last for a while.  Nine girls are working hard, laying eggs and working compost.

I am concerned if Aurora will stay on the nest until the eggs hatch.  She was busy stealing every egg in the coop so I think she has all intentions of having little ones.  Only time will tell.

I pulled all of the Swiss chard which over wintered and it was wonderful.  One night we had scrambled eggs with steamed chard and sausage.  Another night, pasta with chard, onion- pepper tomato sauce and baked with cheese.  Next to come out will be the lettuce.  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday  nights we were covering the beds with row cover.  Potatoes are coming up.  Onions are setting seed heads.


There are not enough hours in a day and I am so pleased with the way things are going here.   Moving some of the herbs closer to the garden.  Planning  to use them as trap plants for insects.   The comfrey which was planted for the chickens and to be added to the compost piles is growing.  I am pulling chickweed for the girls.

Passover or Easter may your celebrations be enjoyable and memorable.  Happy spring.

To see how things are going with Aurora you can see daily updates in our blog post " Momma was a Chicken Farmer."       Daily update on Facebook