Sunday, April 15, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, April 14, 2012

Busy, busy, busy.  Weather changes, row covers on and row covers off.  Water, water and the soil is drying out because the wind is blowing.  Winds were up with gusts to thirty miles an hour, talk about a bad hair week.  I stop to think about what was accomplished this week,  I can say not a whole lot.   Prep work for future projects went well.


Home cooked meals everyday are sometimes a challenge.  Mr. Bootsie was very impressed with one meal this week.  We had ham left over from the weekend.  I steamed about one pound of asparagus while I was boiling a dozen eggs.  (Only used 1 burner, multi-tasking.)  I used  an  oblong casserole dish and layered,  sliced ham, steamed asparagus, 4  chopped boiled eggs and 6 slices of white American cheese.  Under the broiler until the cheese started to brown.  He was so impressed.  It was quick, easy and very had a rich taste.


Went by the county offices and filed the paper work for the pole barn.  The builder said he was a couple of weeks from getting to this job.  The property has been staked and now we are in the wait mode.  The pole barn will on the front of  the pasture we are putting in and this will help with night time  protection for the goats.  The plans are starting to come together.


All eyes are on Aurora, she has been dedicated to the task she chose.  We have 10 days of setting completed and after Sunday we are going down hill.  At this time there are no signs of others wanting to set.  I will set them if they become broody.  This has not been as difficult as I thought it would be.  I am learning as much as I can.

The older and larger girls look at her with wonder on their faces.  I do not  know how they will  feel about new life invading their chicken coop.  I am planning on bringing in ducks about the same time.  They should feel really neglected with all of this action going on.  I will try to keep a balance.  Do not want the layers upset.

The egg count this week was 43.


Potatoes are growing, cole crops are starting to show growth.  The raspberries and blackberries have signs of blooms starting to form. Enjoying lettuce which was wintered over.

Bringing in lots of good compost from the chicken run.

The sweet potato slips have not showed any sign of growth.  I am watering and waiting.


We have a great event in our family this week.  Our littlest wee folk turned 6 years old on Thursday.  His party was on Saturday, we took the day off to celebrate with our family.  I must stop here because I could talk about the wee folk way too much.

I found some wonderful wild flowers this week, May apple is blooming, the ferns are coming up, wild violets have little dots of purple everywhere.  I am sure there are others, I just have not found where they are growing and blooming.

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