Sunday, April 29, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, April 28, 2012

I received a message on "Facebook"  could I help find someone to take some ducks.  There were two and they needed to stay together.  I chatted with the rescue lady and yes, I will take the ducks.  I have been wanting ducks so I could use the eggs in my baking.  One duck egg makes a wonderful omelet.  Many thanks to one of our followers on this blog for thinking of our assistance with these ducks.   This lady has given me some chickens and Aurora was one of her gifts to Triple Creek Farm.


Most of the evening meals have been salads.  We have been enjoying the chive blooms from the herb garden. I did learn not to remove the stem from the blooms, pick up with the stem and dip into your favorite sauce.   I dried parsley, I guess I have started storing for next winter.


The pasture fence row has been marked on two sides.   Mr. Bootsie is setting the post 10 feet apart, using metal posts.  You can see the stakes in the picture.


Aurora has hatched 4 little chicks.  On day 21 the eggs started hatching around noon.  I could hear the peeps and shell cracking. Before bedtime she had proudly showed me each little peep.  She sat on the 2 remaining eggs for 1 day.  Friday morning she had pushed 1 out of the nest and later in the day the other one.  I am very pleased with my first hatch.  I learned quite a lot and if we should have another broody hen I would set her.

The egg count this week was 46.  We are down a few as Aurora is not laying.


This week we welcomed blackberry winter.  I did not plant anything but some more radishes.  The nights are cold and the crops are not growing, expect for the potatoes they are getting to be nice plants.    The sweet potatoes, in the plant bed, are showing leaves.  It will not be long before I will be slipping these.

Just about everything, in the plant bed and greenhouse, is ready to be installed.  We have a groundhog and I have found out they love comfrey.  This week I added some red pepper around the comfrey plants and maybe this will stop the munching on them.


My flock has grown this week, I now have 14 chickens and 2 ducks.  I will be waiting for everyone to settle down, the ducks may have never seen a chicken.  They just sit by the fence and watched those silly girls.  Of course, one of the chickens tried to peck the duck through the fence.  The next time she came over to the fence the duck put its' bill on the fence to peck the chicken.  I really had a good laugh over this.  Who needs cable when you have this kind of entertainment?

Thank you, " Rockfish Sanctuary, Inc." for the pekin ducks.  They educate the citizens of Central Virginia about wildlife and care for injured or orphaned wild life.  These rescue organizations always need our help.  Volunteer, donations, and always think of these groups when discarding used towels and blankets.  What better gift for a friend than to give a donation in their name to one of our rescue groups.

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