Sunday, September 2, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, A Sunday Morning, EXTRA

  We went down to feed the flock, I was busy checking on the girls and Mr. Bootsie was letting out the ducks so they could go to the duck run.  For the last several days I have noticed a large hole in the ground in the chicken run, big dusting hole, the girls do dig a lot of dusting holes.  Mr. Bootsie came back in the coop and said to me, "There is something out here I think you have been looking for.  You were right about the hole."

I went to the chicken run and what do I see in the hole?  Our very first duck egg.  HOW EXCITING!!

In case you do not remember,  the ducks needed a home and we were asked to help find a home for them.  I had planned to add ducks this year and I decided I would take them.  The ducks were named Tweedle and Deedle because we were not sure of the sex, now we are quite sure we have a pair.  

I have said it before and I will repeat it again.  Everyday on the farm is an adventure.  I just could not wait until posting the weekly blog to share this with you.  Next week seemed so far away.  I wonder when I will find another gift from Deedle, I will be watching closely to learn how often she will lay.  And I am sure there are those of you who are wondering what I will do with this egg.  Today, I am just going to admire it.  Once, again, I am so pleased with our little farm.