Saturday, September 29, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, September 29, 1012

I have been taking things very easy this week as my reboot back to working is not going as well as I had hoped.  By this past Friday night things started to really return to normal, a glass of iced tea was starting to taste like tea and not just some weeds which had been steeped.  I really did not drink much tea this week and for someone who usually has 1 + pots a day, this was a real change.  I even tried to drink some root beer and that was rough.  We went for Chinese on Friday and that seemed to help with the taste.


Because there was no bread I baked loaf bread on Wednesday and Cucuzzi bread on Thursday.  The local grocery has no solution added pork loins for $1.28 a pound and we came home with a whole loin.  Saturday morning I cut it out.  2 nice roasts for the crock pot and lots of chops.  We do the full cut chop and it is on the full bone.  It is really a nice pork chop.  Saturday afternoon, crock pot going with one roast we shall have bbq on Sunday.


Mr. Bootsie has been using his time, working on a duck house and now it is starting to look like we will have a winter home for the ducks.  It is built on a skid and with all reclaimed materials.

He is building this so some of the top can come off for more air flow during the summer.  This area will be covered with rat wire.  Mr. Bootsie did want me to explain he had to buy some new hinges for the drop down ramp.

We split and racked firewood on Saturday afternoon, we did one full rack.  There is still some wood which was cut waiting to be split. Do not fear we have a good supply of aged wood. 


I will not be having do any rooster training.  I have a real empty feeling when I go to the runs but I had to take the rooster out of the run because he was getting so mean and I could see huge spurs coming on his legs and feet.  I was so upset with myself because I did not put the locking piece on my chicken tractor.  We were using it in another run and he had been in this for a few days and no problem.  I left him there 1 day too long and I lost him to a chicken hawk.  We have everything quite secure but this is the first time I have to deal with a chicken who had such an attitude.  I can see a big difference with the flock now that he is gone.  There is a peace in the coop again. 

Three older girls are still molting and the new little girls have not started to lay.  We are getting a few eggs from the chickens who started laying in February.  One of the older hens has not started molting.  She likes to wait until it is cold and loose almost all of her feathers.   The egg count this week is 28 from the hens and 5 from the duck.   


I have not been in the garden a lot this week, I did find a nice cucuzzi which I used to make the bread.  I planted some lettuce seeds on Saturday.  

The biggest part of my gardening this week has been bringing the plants into the greenhouse for the winter.  

I still have a couple of plants to repot and this task will be finished and all I have to do is wait for the cold weather to come.


I have been looking forward to the fall and now it is upon us.  The temperatures are a little brisker in the mornings and early evenings.  Fire in the fireplace outside and in the wood stove inside just makes everything so cozy.  Cups of hot tea and cider in front of the fire is a wonderful way to unwind from a busy day.  We sometimes take an evening walk in the cooler temperatures bundled in a sweatshirt, there is something special about being snuggled in the warm sweatshirt.  I do enjoy this season of the year and wish it could last until spring.